Mask Monday: Ecooking Peeling Mask

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Ecooking Peeling Mask PIN IT

If this is anything other than your first time visiting my blog, you’ll probably know that I’m a bit of a mask fan and I always believe that one of the best mask treatments you can add to your routine is an acid mask, as they do so much in so little time, that even the beauty-weary would be able to find a couple of minutes to indulge.  I have my firm favourites when it comes to acid masks as I like one that’ll do all the good stuff you should expect from an acid-based product without any dryness or sensitivity.  The Ecooking Peeling Mask does exactly that.

Ecooking Peeling Mask PIN IT

There’s a lot to love about the Ecooking Peeling Mask; firstly, it’s full of natural and organic ingredients so there’s no sickly fragrance or unnecessary colour, but what you do get is a concoction of some of my all-time favourite acids (Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic) housed in a serum-like liquid that also contains Vitamin E and Squalane.  You use it by applying a thin layer and leaving it on for 4-6 minutes, although I went for 10 last night and didn’t have any issues.  A few people have reportedly gone quite (temporarily) red after using this, but I didn’t have an issues, not even when I (probably unwisely!) used this a few days after a hardcore Dermastamping treatment.  I love the fact that the key chemical exfoliants include both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, as this really feels like a product that cleans out your pores whilst whipping away any superficial dry skin or flakes, and you really do notice the difference straight after use, as not only does skin feel smoother and softer to touch, it really looks it too.  I had to come off all my main skincare this week for the aforementioned treatment and my skin very quickly became dull and flaky – from a combination of the lack of good skincare and the treatment itself – but the Ecooking Peeling Mask took care of that in a single use, which is probably why it’s developed such a cult following already.  Find it on Cult Beauty here – link – where it’s £37 for 50ml. You need a tiny amount each time so the tub will last a good while.




  • Siobhán
    April 29, 2019

    I absolutely love this mask! I need to repurchase because I finished a pot a few weeks ago. I love ow quickly it works & how smooth my skin feels afterwards xx

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    • Sascha
      May 28, 2019

      Isn’t it fantastic? Such an effective product! xx

  • teresa canelas
    June 25, 2019

    hi there, after the 4-6 min should i clean up the mask with whater?

    • Sascha
      teresa canelas
      June 25, 2019

      Hiya, absolutely! I think just rinse it off as you would any other mask xx

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