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Next week I start my Summer Holiday in Greece, and I can’t wait! When I would holiday in my 20’s, my main focus would be getting as much sun as possible, whereas nowadays I’m Factor 50 all the way, but I still want to get that sunkissed glow that only a tan can provide, so I’ve started looking into the available sunless tanning options.  Fragrance Direct have recently starting stocking the Ezitan range, so I’ve tried all of the main products so I can share my thoughts with you.  At the time of writing, Fragrance Direct stocks four Ezitan products: the Ezitan 3-in-1 Tanning Mitt, the Ezitan Hydro Tanning Mist, the Ezitan Overnight Tan Face Mask and the Ezitan Overnight Tan Body Mask.

Ezitan Fragrance DirectPIN IT

The Ezitan Overnight Tan Body Mask is a clear gel formula that’s very easy to work into skin, feels light and refreshing and blends away to leave skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.  I really love the texture, but I also love the fact that there doesn’t seem to be that annoying biscuit-y smell you so often get with sunless tanning products, even the really expensive ones! I’m someone who struggles with getting the tan level right, but this is a really easy product to work with that builds a very gentle, gradual colour that’s very natural and easy to control.  Apply it every night before bed, then once you reach your desired colour you can reduce it to every other night or even just a couple of times a week to maintain the colour – it’s very flexible and you can work it around your needs.  The Ezitan Overnight Tan Body Mask is currently £12.99 (usually £19.99) here – link.

You can use the Ezitan Overnight Tan Body Mask with the Ezitan 3-in-1 Tanning Mitt, which is a very clever product that’s perfect if you’re a bit rubbish at tanning application, as this makes it so easy! It’s basically like one of those joined oven gloves (where you have a stretch of material between each glove) but instead of oven gloves, you have tanning gloves at each end of the stretchy material, cutting the application time in half (no need to move the tanning glove from one hand to another, since both are covered) and making the whole process super quick and virtually foolproof.  It’s currently £4.99 (usually £12.99) here – link.

Ezitan Fragrance DirectPIN IT

The Ezitan Overnight Tan Face Mask is basically a facial version of the Ezitan Overnight Tan Body Mask, providing the same benefits including gradual, controllable colour, easy application, and a ‘kind to skin’ formula that’s very easy to slot into any kind of skincare routine.  You can either use this neat, with no products underneath, for a full-on, even application, or, if you’re a nervous facial tanner, or just very pale like me, you can layer this on top of your usual routine – I’ve been using this by doing my full skincare routine about an hour before bed, then applying a light layer of this just before I go to sleep.  It’s currently £9.99 (usually £16.99) here – link.

The final product is the one I’m most excited about, which is the Ezitan Hydro Tanning Mist, as it’s just a brilliant and innovative idea! For those of you who really struggle with finding time to squeeze anything new into our routine, but still want to add a bit of a sunkissed glow to our faces, the Ezitan Hydro Tanning Mist is here to help.  It’s literally as it sounds: a tanning water and facial mist in one.  Obviously it contains facial tanner, but it’s also an actual skincare product thanks to the inclusion of some great ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Rose Water, alongside Witch Hazel, so it really is a refreshing toner designed to actually tone and hydrate your skin during your routine, whilst adding some sunless tan too – what a genius idea! It’s currently £8.99 (usually £14.90) and you can find it here – link.

There we have it! A little look at the new Fragrance Direct find, which is a brilliant, innovative and budget-friendly range of sunless tanning products.  All four products are available now.


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