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The majority of my skincare routine at the moment is pretty regimented and doesn’t allow much room for change, but the one thing I can definitely mix up is my cleansing routine, so with that in mind, a lot of my skincare requests recently have focused on cleansers and masks.  I have quite a few new cleansers on the go, and I thought it would be a little more interesting to review them all in one, big super post, rather than lots of little individual reviews, so I give you, A Big Post About Cleansers:

Too Cool For School CleansersPIN IT

Too Cool For School recently had its main launch in the UK, with lots of stockists taking on the range.  I’ve been trying out two cleansers in the Egg range, starting with the Egg-Zyme Whipped Foam Cleanser (£18.50) which is a very strange user experience as it really does feel like applying whipped egg to your face – it has this kind of unctuousness that kind of feels like a mask that you use in a traditional cleansing fashion, but it doesn’t really break down and is definitely an unusual product to use! Both of the Too Cool For School cleansers are quite heavily fragranced which is a little off-putting, but apart from that this is a cleanser that offers a break from the norm.

The Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Soap (currently £14.80 at Feel Unique) is a little more familiar as I’ve definitely tried other mousse-like cleansers and this is a particularly good option for anyone who likes the idea of a cleansing foam, but would prefer something less soapy.  I’m a big fan of light and gentle cleansing foams for my morning cleanse, as I just prefer something a little more rigorous for removing all my heavy nighttime skincare.

Image Skincare CleansersPIN IT

I’m yet to try anything from Image Skincare that I haven’t really liked, although that’s so far limited to cleansers and masks, but I can say with certainty that they do excellent cleansers and masks! The Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser (£30) is absolutely lovely and a lot like the mask from the same range – it provides a perfect balance of the light exfoliation you’d expect from a product with Vitamin C, alongside a touch of nourishment from a formula that’s creamy without being greasy.

The Iluma Intense Brightening Cleanser (£32) is a gel that quickly breaks down to a milk; the instructions suggest that you use this with water, but that turns it very quickly into a milk which I don’t think is as effective at cleansing as the gel formula, so I tend to warm this a little in my hand to get a bit of movement going, work it over my face, then add some water to milk it down.  I definitely prefer the Vital C one above, but this is still a lovely cleanser and I think it would suit anyone who wants to straddle the balance between a balm and a gel.

Pixi Glow Cleanser and Emma Hardie Light PIN IT

I’m definitely going through a gel cleanser phase at the moment, so the Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel (£18) is perfect for me, especially as it’s likely exfoliating and is a real pleasure to use.  I’m not a massive fan of Glow Tonic, although I realise I’m in the minority, but I really like the scent (for some reason!) and this matching cleanser smells exactly like it.

The Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel (£34) is a lighter take on the cult Moringa Cleansing Balm, providing an equally thorough cleanser in a lighter formula.  This really is lovely and light, yet still surprisingly rich, but without that balmy greasiness you get with all balms generally.  This is one I’ve been reaching for lots as my standard PM cleanse after using an oil to remove make-up.

Omorovicza Peachy Micellar ReviewPIN IT

Finally, my beloved Omorovicza recently launched their take on a micellar product, with the Peachy Micellar Cleansers (£35) which are basically cleansing discs in a lovely little travel-friendly pot.  The discs are soaked in a fruity micellar that feels a touch oily (without greasiness) so it’s ideal for removing make-up and I used these a lot when I was on holiday.  I would obviously not recommend using these as your sole cleanser, but they are perfectly good at removing make-up (including all the mascara) and great for a starting point for your cleansing routine.

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