Nails Inc Royal Gems Value Set

Nails Inc Royal GemsPIN IT

I’ve been meaning to treat myself to a little bit of Nails Inc joy for quite a while now, so when the Royal Gems set started showing up on my Facebook feed dropping hints left, right and centre, I thought that would be a good set for me to invest in, especially as, recently, I’m really trying to take better care of my nails…although right now they look absolutely terrible, so clearly that isn’t going very well.  Anyway…

Nails Inc Royal GemsPIN IT

The Nails Inc Royal Gems is a value set containing eight polishes and one base coat for £25 all in, which is extremely good value if you consider that most Nails Inc polishes are around the £11 mark, and the included Harley Street Ridge Filler is around the £15 point – I say ‘around’ because I can’t seem to find it on the, quite frankly, disastrous Nails Inc site – it’s a really rubbish website with a glitchy search bar that sends you off in all sorts of crazy directions and is very irritating to use, sort it out Nails Inc!

Nails Inc Royal GemsPIN IT

Normally with these types of value sets, you get an odd mix of one or two great shades and lots of duds, but I was surprised by just how much I liked this collection – I wouldn’t say I absolutely adore every single shade, but there are certainly 4-5 great shades that I really do love and a few that have broadened my horizons too; let’s face it, if I put together my own collection it would just be a load of different pinks, so a set like this is great for expanding your colour choices.

Nails Inc Royal GemsPIN IT

The full shade line-up includes: Time to Flamingle – a beautiful shimmery lilac; Crushing on Rubies – a deep and vampy metallic red; Gimme a Peck – a beautiful bright pink; Shake Your Feathers – sparkly coral; Don’t Reign on my Parade – metallic teal; Don’t Clip My Wings – a sheer, pearly white shimmer; Don’t Touch, I’m Precious – chocolatey metallic mocha and finally Royal Attraction – a deep and dirgy purple.  I really love Time to Flamingle and I can see that appearing on my nails very soon.  The Gimme a Peck is almost my perfect pink, definitely one for a pedicure and Shake Your Feathers will look amazing with a tan, such a gorgeous shade! I’m also a sucker for a deep red, so Crushing on Rubies is likely to get a full outing as the weather cools down (so tomorrow, then…) and I feel that generally this is a very good set that’s great value at £25.

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