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My obsession with Beauty Pie continues – honestly, it’s become a bit of a daily thing for me to check the site and see what’s coming, and there are some are very exciting skincare launches on the horizon, so I’m hitting the daily refresh button like a crazy person.  I had my eye on the Beauty Pie Sunshiney Day Palette as soon as it appeared on the Beauty Pie site, because I’m definitely feeling the love for warmer tones on the eyes, but I’m also not ready to turn my back on cooler colours completely, so this seemed like a good compromise.


The online reviews for Beauty Pie palettes are actually quite mixed (and kudos to Beauty Pie who allow all reviews – good and bad – to stay on their main site, many brands don’t!) but I get on really well with them, I think this is my 3rd or 4th palette and I find the quality consistent.  The powders can be a bit prone to fallout, but nothing too OTT.

Beauty Pie Sunshiney Palette SwatchesPIN IT

The swatches are from left to right, with the two bigger shades at the bottom.  The lighting has made the cool-toned brown at the end look quite blue for some reason.  The Beauty Pie Sunshiney Day Palette contains 10 shades of mixed tones and finishes, with cool and warm, and shimmery and matte all included.  There are a really good mix of shades and I would say this is aptly named, as there’s definitely a “sunshiney” vibe, although it’s muted and not as in your face as some of the more fiery numbers out there.

Beauty Pie Sunshiney PalettePIN IT

The Beauty Pie Sunshiney Day Palette is more like the traditional, older-style Beauty Pie palettes, as opposed to the newer style such as the Pocket Palette that I picked up in my last Beauty Pie order that you can check out here. You get 8 standard shades and two specific shades which are the two larger ones at the base of the palette, and these have the suggested use of sculpting and highlighting.  Obviously you don’t have to use them in this fashion, but it’s quite handy to have a starting point if you’re like me and not great with putting together eye looks.

Beauty Pie OrderPIN IT

I also picked up a few other bits in my order, starting with the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser that everyone is going mad for, plus another Foundation Buffing Brush as I really liked my first one.  I also picked up a Pro Gel Eyeliner which I had hoped would be good for tightlining, but unfortunately it isn’t as it’s not quite liquid enough, although it’s still a good liner – the eyeliners are so cheap that I’m just going to keep adding them to my order until I find a good one for tightlining, as I am very into it at the moment.

Beauty Pie Sunshiney Palette FOTDPIN IT

Back to the Sunshiney Day Palette, which is one I would really recommend as a good quality, fairly inexpensive palette that contains a decent mix of shades that’ll see you through the Summer.  I wouldn’t describe this as an absolute essential and it didn’t blow my mind, but it’s a solid collection of easy-to-wear shades and I will definitely be putting it to good use.  It’s £35 for non-members and currently £11.03 for members. I paid £10.92 for it when I ordered last week, so the price might change again, although it’s only by a few pennies.

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  • LindaLibraLoca
    July 8, 2019

    The colors look lovely, but I already have so many of those, I really don´t need any other palettes with these shades.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

    • Sascha
      July 8, 2019

      I desperately need to take your approach to palette buying 😀 xx

  • Alice
    July 8, 2019

    That’s a gorgeous palette. I love that it has a bronzing and highlighting shade so it’s very much a ‘will do everything’ palette and great for popping in your handbag. Lovely eyeshadow shades too, very wearable!

    Tea Party With Alice

    • Sascha
      July 10, 2019

      It’s so pretty, isn’t it? xx

  • Siobhán
    July 9, 2019

    These are my kind of shades! That foundation brush looks fab! xx


    • Sascha
      July 10, 2019

      Absolutely love the foundation brush! It needs very regular cleaning but it gives a really lovely finish xx

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