Aquafacial by Aquapure at Venn Healthcare

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During the summer holidays (which feel like a distant memory now) I had the pleasure of reviewing two completely different facials – they literally could not be further from each other, yet both were absolutely amazing! The first one I want to tell you about his the Aquafacial by Aquapure, which I had at Venn Healthcare near Harley Street, Central London.

Aquafacial by Aquapure at Venn HealthcarePIN IT

If you’ve ever had a Hydrafacial then you’ll have a rough idea of what the Aquafacial is like.  I really like Hydrafacials, but I tread very carefully with them as they involve a lot of manual exfoliation that makes me nervous, as I don’t think our delicate little faces are built for such rough scrubbing.  If your sentiments are similar, the Aquafacial is the one for you, as it’s like a powerful yet more gentle version, with a few more steps and a little more action.

Aquafacial by Aquapure at Venn HealthcarePIN IT

The Aquafacial focuses around the Aquapure facial system, which is a hydradermabrasion device that lightly exfoliates whilst also encouraging product absorption.  After the cleanse and make-up removal, the facial starts with a series of product applications applied through various wands connected to the machine.  My personal facial started with the Lactic Acid peel, followed by the Sebo+ step that involves more lovely, yet gentle acids (Lactic again, plus one of my favourites, Salicylic), then the final product application involves Hyaluronic Acid and Kernel Extract to hydrate and sooth.

Aquafacial by Aquapure at Venn HealthcarePIN IT

Next is the Electroportation, which pushes products into the skin and feels quite strange – just short of painful, but definitely not intolerable.  Micro-current is next, to tighten and lift the jaw line, then the final step is the Cooling/Heating stage, which provides a number of benefits, but the main one for me is the cooling step, which soothes redness and calms skin right down – if you’re prone to redness after a facial then this final step is essential.  I also received a lymphatic drainage massage as part of my treatment, and honestly my skin looked and felt incredible afterwards – bright, glowing, even and surprisingly clear. I would absolutely recommend this facial, especially as it isn’t excessively expensive with prices starting at £80.  Find out more info here – link.


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  • Siobhán
    October 3, 2019

    Ooh sounds like a treatment that I would love! It’s ages since I had a facial and you’ve put me in the mood for one! x


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