Georgie, the Best Cat: 2018 – 2020


I’m so sorry to be taking up my little space on the internet with something so morbid, but my cat died last week, I’m really struggling, writing has always been my therapy so here we are…

Georgie was one of those cats that you’d dream of having; hilariously funny, goofy, charming, intensely friendly and kind to everyone and everything.  He was friends with the squirrels and foxes and a threat to nothing.  He would great me everyday when I would return home, and if he wasn’t by the car by the time I got out, he would wail his head off to let me know that he was on his way.  He was such a loud creature that you could have long chats with; he always greeted everyone with his version of “hello”and he was always so excited when I got home.


There will never be another cat like Georgie, he was a real character.  I have electric windows in my living room, he tried to jump through one as it was closing and the mechanism failed and locked him in place.  I couldn’t get him out and after a few minutes he died.  It was so traumatic and one of the worst possible deaths – it just feels so unfair that a harmless, kind and lovely cat like him ended his life in such a horrific fashion.  I’m truly devastated and can’t quite get a grip on my grief.


Thank you, Georgie, for letting me love you for the short time we had together, and making me feel so loved in return.  You are so, so missed.



  • SarahF
    January 31, 2020

    Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s always so hard to lose a pet, especially when they’re young. He obviously knew how loved he was 💕

    • Sascha
      February 7, 2020

      Thanks Sarah, it is always hard isn’t it? He was very loved. Thanks so much for your comment xx

  • Siobhán
    January 31, 2020

    Oh no, I am so so sorry for your loss and he died in such a traumatic way. There’s no easy way to lose a pet but that’s particularly hard. He is so handsome. I had a gorgeous cat, Georgie ( a female) who died last year and my heart still hasn’t mended so I feel your pain xx


    • Sascha
      February 7, 2020

      Thanks lovely, so sorry to hear about your Georgie – they grab our hearts and take them with them when they leave, I think! I’m just trying to focus on how lucky I was to have him, even if it wasn’t for very long xx

  • Iva
    February 4, 2020

    I am so sorry to hear this. I have a cat myself and cannot imagine her not being around. I wish that with time you heal. He was happy to have you, at least for that short period of time. Love and hugs ❤

    • Sascha
      February 7, 2020

      Thanks so much Iva. I’m on to the next phase of grief now (acceptance) but honestly, it was one of the hardest experiences of my life – really appreciate your comment and I hope you and your cat have a lovely weekend xx

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