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Did you know that 90% of people in Europe carry the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 – the main cause of cold sores – but only 30% of carriers produce blisters? That’s a huge percentage of people who would benefit from a reliable cold sore treatment that’s safe and easy to use, so I’m excited to show you the HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment, a purse-friendly device that’s free from chemicals and can be used both at the start of the cold sore to halt further development, or during the cold sore cycle to stop it getting worse and reduce symptoms.

HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment Review

When I first received press info on the HERPOtherm, an electronic cold sore treatment device, I smugly declared that I wouldn’t be able to personally review it since I had never needed to treat a cold sore as I had never had one.  A few days later, courtesy of my gorgeous, germ-spreading son, I developed my very first corner of mouth cold sore and I’m quite surprised by how unpleasant it is! It’s incredibly uncomfortable, difficult to manage and very sore, so the HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment came at the right time.  I would be nervous about using a chemical product so close to my mouth as I don’t know how you would avoid swallowing it, so a device that treats cold sores without involving chemicals is perfect for me.

The HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment was pitched against acyclovir, a key ingredient found in many cold sore treatments, and the observation group found a significant improvement in symptoms after a SINGLE DAY of treatment with the Herpotherm device, plus the overall duration of the cold sore was considerably shorter compared to treatment with a acyclovir product.

HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment Review

The HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment is battery operated and you use it by applying it directly to the cold sore where it utilises thermotherapy to get to work on the cold sore, making it one of the best cold sore treatments.  The white tip heats to 51C whilst placed upon the cold sore, then after a few seconds the treatment is complete.  The heat provides a number of benefits that mostly focus on reducing inflammation, therefore reducing all the nasty symptoms of a cold sore, such as the itching and the burning.

You can use the device as regularly as you need (up to five times an hour, but leave 2 minutes between treatments) and I was really impressed by how quickly this worked on reducing my symptoms; that horrible tightness was almost gone within a few minutes, and the whole area felt and looked calmer and a lot less inflamed. It’s a little bit uncomfortable as it does reach an impressively high heat, but certainly not painful and definitely not unpleasant enough to put me off using it religiously as a cold sore treatment.  The HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment is a very handy device that’s safe for children 12 years and up, pregnant women and those with allergies, plus this is a godsend to anyone who’s sensitive to chemicals making it a more natural cold sore treatment alternative.

The HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment is available at Boots and Amazon priced at £36.  For the next few days you can purchase it for £31 from Amazon, and if you’re someone who suffers from cold sores then this will be a product that you love for quickly treating early stage cold sores when you first feel that tingle, or addressing more developed cold sores if you weren’t quick enough.  Find the HERPOtherm Cold Sore Treatment here – link


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