Mask Monday: Apivita Moisturising Face Mask with Sea Lavender

Apivita Moisturising Face Mask with Sea Lavender

It’s been absolutely ages since I did a Mask Monday post, even though I’m still using masks a lot, particularly any that offer hydration as my skin is still adjusting to a higher retinol percentage and it is very dry and flaky.  To me, the mark of a good moisturising mask is one that feels rich on the skin but doesn’t absorb too quickly, as otherwise you might as well just apply a thick layer of moisturiser – I want a mask to sit on the skin, providing a soothing, hydrating treat. I have *such* a soft spot for Apivita for several reasons; firstly, when I was in my first year of blogging, they got in touch and sent me a huge box of their goodies and I remember being so excited to get stuck-in.  Secondly, my favourite holiday destination is a place in Kos where the spa provides a host of gorgeous, Apivita-led treatments that I always treat myself to when I’m there and lastly, and probably most importantly, they are really good products! They’re one of those interesting ranges that straddles the balance between natural and effective – they do great cleansers, masks, treatments, moisturisers and all that’s in-between.

Apivita Moisturising Face Mask with Sea Lavender

So what is sea lavender? No idea and couldn’t really share an informed opinion, but the site says it provides moisture, enhances collage and rejuvenates skin.  The Apivita Moisturising Face Mask with Sea Lavender is a thick, dense and creamy treatment that feels lovely on the skin with a lovely, light fragrance that isn’t overpowering or irritating.  I love to use this in a hot bath and let it sloooowly sink-in; my skin is very noticeably smoother and softer after use and it really does feel nourished.  Another plus is that, unlike many moisturising masks, there’s no residue, skin just feels hydrated and soothed.  I know you can get most (if not all) of the Apivita masks in sachets forms if you fancy dipping your toes in.  I picked up my tube in Greece, but on the UK site it is £14.39 here – link.


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