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Instagram Weekly No.5

That time again! Here's a look at a few of my favourite images from my Instagram feed over the past week.   Top Row All-you-can-eat BBQ? I might have to move there.  A little L'Oreal-specific binge.  Little Man's first proper outfit (that he won't be able to wear until he's 6 months old). Middle Row New arrivals from Simple Skincare.  Gorgeous afternoon tea courtesy of tanning brand Cocoa Brown. My new Concoction hair products;[...]

Off-Topic: My Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

The bods at Money Supermarket recently got in touch to ask me and a few other bloggers if we'd share our Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist.  I will always jump at the chance to get involved with anything a little bit musical, as after beauty blogging, music comes a close second in my list of passions and I've recently completed an MA in Popular Music.  Whilst it's good fun to put together a playlist, there was a serious message being relayed behind t[...]


Philips Visapure – Review and Competition

Firstly, couple of apologies; I've had this brush for absolutely ages, but I wanted to do a review with a competition which I couldn't do until I'd done all the other competitions I had lined up and go them all sorted and closed, which took longer than expected! Secondly, sorry I haven't launched another competition sooner, but I'm hoping to make it up to you guys this month by launching two *amazing* competitions, the first of which is this one...but[...]

Pre-Birth Essential Treatment at Thai Square Spa

Few beauty bloggers can state that the perks of what we do aren't amazing, and the fact that I've had the privilege of not one, but two courtesy visits to Thai Square Spa proves that point! Last time I visited for a Traditional Thai Facial, and this time I was welcomed back for a Pre-Birth Essential.  I won't go into too much detail around the spa, as you can read about that in my original post here, but I will state that all the wonderful extras I e[...]


Mary Kay at Play

Mary Kay is one of those brands that I think most people have heard of, but few have actually encountered.  This is likely due to the fact that it's a consultant-led brand (think Avon before you could buy it online) so unless you're familiar with the brand or know a consultant, you're unlikely to have crossed paths at any stage. However, they've actually been around for 50 years and have a massive selection of products available, most of w[...]


Five Things I Love (July 2013)

Eagle-eyed readers will know that I haven't actually done one of my love lists for quite some time; in fact February was my last one, and the reason for that is because I started to find it a bit tedious, and it's my belief that blogging should never feel like that.  It's only recently that I've started putting together a love list in my head again so I thought I'd start them up again.  Therefore, here are five products I've loved using in July.[...]


Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio in Tempting

Another focus on a specific shade of a product today, but this time it's an eye shadow palette; one of the seven variants of Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio in the shade collection called Tempting.  Tempting is a green themed edit with two shades of green and one ivory shade for highlight and contour.  I don't think I've ever used a green eyeshadow on myself in my entire life, but recently I've started to try and be a bit more experimental with shades so[...]


Glo Minerals Lipstick in Bali

I think every make-up addict needs a selection of shades that they know they can turn to to add a bit of something to their daily make-up when needed, and this should always include the perfect, wearable and ultimately flattering red lipstick.  If you're still on the hunt for your perfect shade, let me present to you Glo Minerals Lipstick in Bali. Bali is a true cherry red with some gentle blue undertones that will whiten your teeth and br[...]

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayons

Out of all of the fabulous new products coming our way from the new Avon Ultra Colour collection, I think the Lip Crayons are going to be the ones to cause the most excitement.  Not only are they a purse-friendly £7.50 each, but they also come in an impressive range of amazingly opaque shades.  I have five of them to show you, the only one missing is Notice Me Nude. There are several shades I absolutely love; namely Carefree Coral which[...]

Instagram Weekly No.4

It's now been a month of doing these weekly rundowns of my Instagram musings and I'm really enjoying them! Hopefully you are too...if you fancy a more daily update then you can find me on Instagram here. Top Row New goodies from Motives by Loren Ridinger. Tiramisu! Still my favourite dessert. Gorgeous Avon palette full of wearable nudes and neutrals including an amazing taupe shade. Middle Row Skincare frenzy as discussed in my post here.[...]