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Una Brennan Vitamin C Brightening Skincare Collection

Now HERE is a skincare launch to get excited about! Una Brennan has added to her line of extremely successful products (her Rose range was one of the few things that settled my skin meltdown during early pregnancy) to include the Brightening Range, of which the main ingredient is Vitamin C.  I love, love, love Vitamin C in skincare and really rate it for those of us who still suffer from breakouts but can't handle the harshness of products aimed[...]


Kiko Water Eyeshadows in Taupe and Golden Mauve

A little while ago I had a Smashbox makeover that involved the use of a fantastic purple/silver/taupe shade from the Heat Wave palette that I fell head-over-heels in love with.  I tried to justify the purchase of the palette before deciding to go on a hunt for a decent dupe of that one specific shade.  I have no idea if I succeeded with the two shades I requested from Kiko Cosmetics - Taupe and Golden Mauve - but I do know that they are absolute[...]

New UK Stockist for Korean BB Creams

Korean BB Creams have the reputation for being the absolute best (although they were actually created by a German doctor and not in Asia as a lot of people think!) and yet they are notoriously tricky to source in the UK, which usually means we have to rely on eBay.  I'm okay with eBay;  I know it's a risk but I do think it's the only way we can get hold of certain products and for quite some time I relied on it for keeping my Bioderma stock goin[...]

Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection

Here we have a glorious new collection from mid-ranged body-care favourites, Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection.  The surprisingly large range consists of 8 products in total, all of which are fragranced to uplift and revitalise with notes such as Cedar Wood and Sweet Orange.  In fact, all products are either scented with Cedar Wood and Sweet Orange, or mandarin and Yuzu, so it's quite easy to buy products that fall into the same scent family, h[...]

Did You Know…

...that there are now a multitude of ways to follow this blog if you so desire? It's extremely exciting... Something happened with Google yesterday that meant a lot of posts went out mentioning the benefits of following blogs through Bloglovin'.  I'll be saying very little about that as I don't actually understand what happened (what did Google do?!) but I thought I might as well take this as an opportunity to remind you of the various ways ther[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser

I thought the new Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser would make a perfect choice for Quick Pick Tuesday as it's had a quite a lot of coverage already, so I'm only going to give you a tiny bit of background info before I share my thoughts as I'm sure you're aware of it already.  Interestingly, I saw an advert for this and thought that I really must pick some up during my next shopping trip, and the next day it arrived through my letterbox from a clear[...]


ELF 50% Code and my Picks

It's that time again, when ELF make our lives much more complicated by suggesting that we actually need a lot more make-up than we ever thought, due to the 50% code available on the already extremely purse-friendly brand.  The code is 500713, the minimum spend is £25 (plus p&p) and the code expires at the rather random time of 10.3oam on the 3rd July 2013. Here's a selection of five products that piqued my interest that might get you going.[...]

Off-Topic: Brent Cross Food Market

Since quitting smoking and progressing with my pregnancy, food has become extremely important to me (can't smoke, can't drink, but MAN can I eat) and so I was extremely excited to see a food market arrive at my local shopping haunt, Brent Cross.  I had been planning to post about the Brent Cross Food Market for a while - I'd instagramed some pictures of produce I picked up at my last visit - then Barclaycard got in touch and asked me to recommend[...]


Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless

When offered the chance to review Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless I absolutely had to find out what it was all about as, to my knowledge, there isn't anything else on the market quite like it.  The product itself is called Flawless (the brand name being Macadamia Natural Oil) and the idea is that it kind of fills the void of a 2in1 shampoo/conditioner,  however, the emphasis is on the conditioning element, whereas normal 2in1's tend to focus on cle[...]

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 20 Weeks

Sorry for what seems to be a fairly regular appearance of "off-topic" posts lately; this is my second this week but it's all stuff that's very current that I want to share! Yesterday (Thursday) I turned 20 weeks pregnant and also had my main anomaly scan.  For those of you who don't know, an anomaly scan is a detailed assessment of a baby's development, and they look at sizing of all limbs as well as major organs and overall appearance. If you[...]


London IMATS 2013 Purchases and Overview

IMATS is one of the most fantastic days out for anyone who loves their beauty products.  If you're a beauty junkie of any kind then you'll arrive there feeling like the mothership has called you home.  I had terrible travel sickness (another joyful aspect of pregnancy) but once I entered Olympia (where London IMATS 2013 was held this year) my eyes fell upon the rows upon rows of make-up brushes, stands full of every shade of lipstick...and I sta[...]