Quick Pick Tuesday: Smoovall Skin Contact Spray

Disclaimer: PR Sample - I have not been paid for this feature.  Just before my last holiday in May, I got everything waxed and spent the first few days afterwards in quite a lot of pain as my underarms were very sore.  I use crutches, so if you think of how moving on crutches works - with the constant rubbing of the arms moving against the torso - this sort of action creates a horrible friction that caused some very nasty sores.  I realise this is[...]

L’Occitane Warm Almond Christmas Collection (Act Now!)

I think a L'Occitane Christmas gift is one of the safest bets when purchasing for someone if you're not sure what to buy, as they are such a lovely brand that I bet everyone and anyone would be happy to find something from them under the tree, especially in the form of one of these QVC exclusive gift sets.  There are three sets available, each of which are jam-packed with a great selection of L'Occitane goodies that you can either give as a singl[...]

What I Took On Holiday – Hair and Body (Holiday Heroes)

I've shared the (rather excessive) makeup I took away with me here, as well as the considerably more refined skincare here, now it's the hair and body products, which again were a lot more carefully selected than the abomination of makeup I selected. I'll also be sharing the sun care I took away, since I did quite a few features on sun care before I went, so I thought it might be of interest to see which bits made the cut. How cute are thes[...]

Sun Care Finishing Touches

I've written quite a bit about sun care and SPF as part of my Holiday Heroes series, with this post looking at some of the finishing touches that can enhance the other products that fall under the sun care umbrella.  When I return from holiday, I'll do an overview of all the products that actually got used whilst I was away. I think hair can easily be neglected in the sun, but I try really hard to keep a close eye on mine, especially as it[...]

Holiday Ready Feet with Margaret Dabbs and Sanctuary Spa (Holiday Heroes)

I forgot how much maintenance was necessary to get my woefully neglected body ready to be paraded around in a bikini - it almost doesn't seem worth it...almost.  I've got my waxing booked for tomorrow (it's been a while since I've had a wax, it's like being licked by puppies, right?), my lashes will be sorted at the weekend and today I made a start on my hands and feet with a gel manicure and pedicure.  My very kind therapist agreed to use some[...]

Sun Care Innovations (Holiday Heroes)

Just when you thought I had said all I needed to say about SPF and sun were wrong, I still have loads, starting with a look at these five great innovations in the sun care field: I've mentioned my love for Garnier Ambre Solaire in previous posts, so I'm excited to try their new UV Water Clear Sun Cream Spray SPF30, which sounds like it's designed to remove all the off-putting elements of sunscreen application, such as greasiness,[...]

Family SPFs for the Body (Holiday Heroes)

I'm such a total convert to SPF in all its forms, which might sound like a silly thing to say, but I remember planning holidays years ago where I would take an SPF15 for my whole body, which I would then reduce to single digits as the holiday developed, with my main focus being ensuring a good tan to come home with - RIDICULOUS.  Now, I'm a lot more sensible, so I'll be taking the very best sun care with me, to take care of both mine and my famil[...]

New Launches from Dove (along with some older favourites)

Whenever I write something about Dove, I start it in pretty much the same way, by declaring the fact that I have a real soft spot for the brand - it's just one of those brands that I've grown up loving and I can still remember adverts that were played when I was a kid, plus the products are always the sort of thing that speaks to me and gets me intrigued...and let's not forget that it's a budget brand too, so it ticks a lot of boxes! I recently at[...]

Revisited: Friction Free Shaving Razor Subscription Service

A couple of years ago I featured the relatively recently launched Friction Free Shaving (FFS) service, which is a razor delivery service designed for women, to ensure you never run out of razor blades and never finding yourself forced to use a blunt one.  They've expanded their range considerably, and now you can get a gorgeous delivery of what I think is like a Bento Box of shaving goodies, as you can see: Friction Free Shaving have taken[...]

L’Occitane x Rifle Paper Co. Shea Butter Collection

Just when you thought the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Creams couldn't get any better, they collaborate with Florida based stationery company, Rifle Paper Co. and the packaging becomes as covetable and lust-worthy as the hand cream itself.  How pretty is this collaboration? I just want to stock up on it all and give it everyone as presents - great Mother's Day possibilities there too. There are a few choice products in the L'Occitane x Rifl[...]

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection

This Summer, I was shortlisted for a couple of Beauty Blogger Awards and to celebrate, Aromatherapy Associates sent me a few bits to allow me to mark the occasion with some serious indulgence.  Obviously anything from Aromatherapy Associates is gorgeous and luxurious, but the product I was particularly excited about was their taster set of their amazing Bath & Shower Oils.  The Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collect[...]