Christmas Candles

I really do love Christmas candles so much; I don't feel like anything is properly "Christmassy" unless there's a Christmas fragrance burning away in the background.  Candles tap into the often neglected sense of smell, a sense that I particularly find so evocative when it comes to needing to quickly feel a certain way - I never feel quite as excited about Christmas as I do when I'm wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and burning my f[...]

Rose Themed Products That’ll Outlive a Bunch of Flowers

I've been single for so long that the Spice Girls hadn't even had their first reunion, so Valentine's Day is just another day for flowers, no chocolates, no romance...but I do get to hang out with my little man talking about Transformers, so all is not lost.  I love fresh flowers, especially beautiful roses, but I thought I'd put together a little selection of great alternatives to fresh cut roses that'll last a lot longer. First u[...]

Diptyque Londres Candle

Last week I visited the newly reopened Westbourne Grove Diptyque Boutique to celebrate the launch of the Londres (London) candle; the day was that weird, British blend of warm whilst bucketing it down, so it could not have been more appropriate to be celebrating something created and inspired by London! As you would expect from a Diptyque Boutique, the Westbourne Grove store is warm and inviting and obviously smells incredible; Diptyque tend to do[...]

An Introduction to Mythyn #MyLuxeBathTime: Melusine Silk Bath Soak and Mikan Natural Candle

*Sponsored Content* Since moving home, I've become pretty excited by all the joyful bath products that exist purely to indulge, comfort and sooth both the body and mind, with a great example of such products being Mythyn, a handmade, 100% natural and completely cruelty-free range of bath and body products.  I was sent the Melusine Silk Bath Soak and Mikan Natural Candle to try. The first thing that struck me about the Mythyn range is the a[...]

La Montana Cloudburst Candle

It's been a while since I featured a candle - in fact, other than brief mentions in other posts, the last candle post was before Christmas, which is definitely longer than I thought.  The reason for this is because I still tread quite carefully around Teddy and tend to only get candles on the go when he's out and I'm home, which isn't often.  However, when I do get the chance to get a candle going, it's almost always something from La Montana.[...]

Total Bath Joy with ESPA Bath and Body Products

I've had this long-term fantasy about what the perfect bath would be like, once I finally moved somewhere that actually had a bath, after living in a property with a shower for over 10 years.  As soon as I knew I was moving, I started researching what's new in the world of bathing, and putting together a list of dreamy products to try. One of the first collections I got my hands on was these beauties from ESPA, and honestly - and I realise how ri[...]

The Big Christmas Candle Post: A Great Option for Every Budget

The easiest way to get even the most cynical Christmas hater feeling a touch more Christmassy is with a gorgeous Christmas candle - there is just something about the way a Christmas candle can completely transform the atmosphere of a room, which is why I rarely feel Christmassy until I've started burning my first Christmas scent.  There are some great options for all budgets, so I've put together a lovely big post looking at some of my favourites[...]


Air Wick Home Signature Range

Air Wick are the perfect example of how to do a budget home fragrance range; their products are innovative, affordable and attractive and there's very little to complain about with some products capable of rivalling those of ranges that cost three or four times as much.  They also constantly keep consumers interested with new releases and ideas.  The new Air Wick Home Signature range is a great example of this, since it contains an impressive co[...]


Christmas Candles

I think Christmas is the one time of the year where the scent in the air makes the most considerable difference to the ambience that's created, so a good quality candle is an absolute must.  There are so many scents that associate with Christmas, so I have rounded up a lovely collection of various Christmas candles that should suit all budgets and tastes.  I also have another feature on Winter candles coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for th[...]


Happiness in a Candle: La Montana Alfredo’s Cafe Candle

A little while ago I wrote about the La Montana Galan De Noche candle, a beautiful jasmine-led fragrance that is the very definition of Summer in a wick.  If you're a jasmine lover then you need this in your life, so have a look at my full review here.  Now on to a candle that every candle lover needs in their life, the La Montana Alfredo's Cafe Candle. If Galan De Noche represents the pretty, girly, light and gentle fragrance, Alfredo's[...]


Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home Candle

The Violette De Lune Home Candle from Timothy Dunn is a truly beautifully presented product; it comes housed in a black, leather-effect casing with contains the equally glamorous glossy black candle with the Timothy Dunn inscription on the side. I was also sent the Rose Gold Candle Lid which keeps the candle clean when not in use, and also acts as a safe and easy way to extinguish the candle - the rose gold shade works especially well with[...]