LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Liquid Supplement

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Review

I am stupidly excited about trialling the LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Liquid Supplement as I’m only eight days in and I already feel like my skin is showing pretty impressive signs of improvement, although of course it’s far … read more.

A Few Gentle Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle…

OK! Last night I won the Best Established Blogger Award at the Johnson & Johnson Beauty Journalism Awards which is just INSANE, and I’m still processing it before I do my full write-up.  Therefore I’m desperately trying to write normally … read more.

Hidden Foodie Gems of London

Hidden London Gems

Earlier this year I was asked by Millennium Hotels to share a recommendation of my favourite place to eat in London, and it had to be El Vaquero, which is an all-you-can-eat BBQ joint in North London.  They currently have … read more.

Crabtree & Evelyn Shortbread, Biscuits and Fudge

Crabtree & Evelyn Food

I’m being slowly ruined by these amazing Crabtree & Evelyn yummies, but I’m consoling myself with the fact that it’s now Winter, so I need to fatten up a bit more to keep warm.  So in that respect, eating copious … read more.

The Perfect Baked Potato with the Russell Hobbs Purifry

Russell Hobbs Purifry Baked Potato

I grew up hating baked potatoes, but this was mainly due to the fact that my mum wasn’t big on putting in the time to get them all perfect and crispy and crunchy, so they just went around the microwave … read more.

Nutribullet: Favourite Smoothie Recipe

Nutribullet Smoothie Ideas

I’ve managed to maintain the Nutribullet habit and I’d say five out of every seven days I have a Nutribullet smoothie – the other days I’ll have a ready made one, usually from Savse.  I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients … read more.


Nutribullet Ideal World

The Nutribullet has a cult following which probably seems a little strange to the uninitiated, as on first appearances it’s just basically a bullet shaped blender; this is true, but the main reason I think so many people love their … read more.

Health Hacks: Plenish Cold Pressed Juices

Plenish Cold Pressed Juices Review

I’m still trying really hard to improve my health through my diet by adding in lots of good stuff and eating less of the bad stuff – I still have my takeaway treats, I still eat cake whenever I fancy … read more.