QVC UK TSV Shay & Blue 4 Piece Portable Fragrance Collections

QVC UK TSV: Shay & Blue 4 Piece Portable Fragrance Collections

Disclaimer: PR Samples - I have not been paid for this feature.  This weekend sees the arrival of a pair of gorgeous fragrance sets from independent fragrance boutique, Shay & Blue, as part of a QVC UK TSV.  There are two sets, Summer and Winter, although the Winter set will only be available later in the year and you need to have purchased the Summer set to be entitled to the Winter set at the discounted TSV price.  Just getting that out[...]

Lancome Idole Review

Fragrance Friday: Lancome Idole

Disclaimer: PR Sample  - I have not been paid for this feature.  I have spent the last 24 hours obsessing over the new fragrance, Lancome Idole, because it is just one of those perfumes that I know I'm going to use right up until the very last drop! I used to post about fragrances regularly as part of my Fragrance Friday series, but other than a quick intro to a new collection, I haven't included any new fragrances on the blog this year because I[...]


Fragrance Friday: Yardley Flowerful Collection (Luxe Gardenia, Elegant Iris, Decadent Mimosa)

Disclaimer: PR Sample and Affiliate links - I have not been paid for this feature.  It's been absolutely ages since I've done a Fragrance Friday feature, mainly because I haven't really been calling-in/trying many new fragrances as I'm pretty happy with the few I have that I'm slowly working my way through.  Having said that, I did attend a launch a few months ago for the Yardley Flowerful Collection, which I've been keen to feature for a while as[...]

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Fragrance Friday: Joy by Dior

I'll be honest, it has been a while since a fragrance has taken my heart; I've had some lovely perfumes to try out and wear, some of which have been truly wonderful, but Joy by Dior has completely blown everything else out of the water for me.  A few weeks ago, I was at the Dior counter picking up some of their new brow bits (more on that in another post) when I was offered the chance to try their new perfume, Joy.  I normally pass up this kind[...]

Fragrance Friday: Floral Street Wonderland Peony

In a world of fragrance that's trying so hard to be incredible different and unique, it's sometimes a real pleasure to find something unashamedly and traditionally pretty - introducing the gorgeously floral and fruity Wonderland Peony from Floral Street, which is like a big burst of bright and beautiful flowers laced with fruit and a touch of wood at the base; there's nothing new or novel here, but that doesn't matter at all (Floral Street have pl[...]

QVC UK TSV: Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection

Almost exactly a year ago, Shay & Blue launched their first ever QVC UK TSV, which went down so well that they're doing it again, with a very similarly themed 4-piece collection, although this time you can pick your scent.  The Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection contains three matching products in a choice of either Atropa Belladona (for more info on this fragrance check out my post here) or Black Tulip, the latter of which was init[...]

Fragrance Friday: Goya Black Rose

If you're a rose fragrance fan and you like your scents to be classic, uncomplicated and just the right side of feminine, Goya Black Rose is a perfume I'd highly recommend investigating.  I always love it when a fragrance matches up well with the bottle its contained in, which I think is really well demonstrated here, as the bottle is clean, elegant and classic, just like the scent itself. The Goya Black Rose is, as you would expect, a rose sc[...]

Fragrance Friday: Woman by Ralph Lauren

Woman by Ralph Lauren is the newest Lauren perfume, combining feminine fragrance notes with a masculine hip-flask-style bottle, it's a fragrance designed to be strong and just a touch too feminine to be described as gender-free.  Expect a scent that's punchy and vibrant, but that settles quickly into something a little creamier and less intense. I really like the packaging of Woman by Ralph Lauren, as I think it's a fun take on a hip flask[...]

Fragrance Friday: DKNY Stories

DKNY have recently launched their newest fragrance, DKNY Stories, which is a bit of a change for the fragrance range that is known for it's juicy, fruity numbers that are mostly aimed at the younger millennial market.  DKNY Stories is a little more grown-up and more suited to my kind of age group - it's still vibrant, bright and very DKNY, but it's less in-your-face, more sophisticated and generally a lot more subtle than other DKNY fragrances.[...]

A Fantastic Father’s Day Gift from Armani

There are just a few days left to pick up your Father's Day presents, so if you've left it a bit late, this fantastic Armani Code EDT is a great option to go for as there are so many ways to make it a really personal, lovely, impressive gift! First of all, you can get it gift wrapped at Debenhams which is a free service that ensures it looks really professional - I am absolutely rubbish at wrapping presents, so any kind of gift wrapping service re[...]

Fragrance Friday: By Invitation Rose Gold by Michael Buble

I definitely wouldn't call myself a fragrance snob, as some of my all-time favourites are from high street brands, but I do get a bit funny about celebrity fragrances - in fact I'm like that with all celebrity beauty ranges, there's just something about them that gets my back up and I can't really explain it! The original By Invitation fragrance from Michael Buble launched fairly recently and was very well received, so it was quickly followed-up b[...]