Fragrance Friday: Jasper Conran Nude


After a few weeks of slightly unusual Fragrance Friday features courtesy of Escentual Molecules, today I have a much more traditional fragrance to show you that’s pretty, feminine and very wearable – say “hello” to Nude by Jasper Conran; a … read more.

Fragrance Friday: Escentric Molecules Escentric 03


The final Escentric Molecules Escentric fragrance I’m writing about today is the Escentric 03, with my review of Escentric 01 here and Escentric 02 here.  As a quick reminder, the Escentric Molecules fragrance tree has two branches, the Molecules … read more.

Fragrance Friday: Escentric Molecules Escentric 01

Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 Review

I’m slowly making my way through the Escentric Molecule fragrances, having reviewed the Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 fragrance here and the original Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 here, so today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 … read more.

Fragrance Friday: Escentric Molecules Escentric 02

Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 Review

When it comes to fragrance, I find it just the right side of fascinating, confusing and captivating to keep me engaged and intrigued without leaving me feeling overwhelmed…that is, until you introduce the extremely fascinating, utterly confusing and truly captivating … read more.

Fragrance Friday: Philosophy Pure Grace Summer

Philosophy Pure Grace Summer Review

I first encountered the Philosophy Pure Grace Summer fragrance near the start of the year, and I was so captivated by it that I doused a press release in it and spent my whole journey home sniffing away at the … read more.