12 Gifts of Christmas: Fitbit Charge HR


Today’s gift is a bit different to the usual beauty booty, but still a strong feature in my list of gifts that I’d want to receive as I don’t leave the house without mine – I give you, the Fitbit … read more.

Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier

Homedics True HEPA Tower Air Purifier

Air Purifiers always make me think of Ross from friends, and I’ll happily admit that I would never have given them the time of day had I not had a chance to try one for review, but I am now … read more.

Hot Yoga Society Big Weekender

Big Hot Yoga Weekender

I’ve always wanted to get into Yoga as I think it would be of such benefit to me; I’m overly-anxious, my back is like a Challa bread of knots and I get a lot out of meditation, so this year … read more.

NYRs: Fix Your Skin with FaceCamp at FaceGym

FaceGym site

I read about FaceGym’s FaceCamp at the end of last year, and I thought it was such a fab idea; a series of seven day skincare boot camps that allow you to “undo” some of the damage from the festive … read more.

Nutribullet: Favourite Smoothie Recipe

Nutribullet Smoothie Ideas

I’ve managed to maintain the Nutribullet habit and I’d say five out of every seven days I have a Nutribullet smoothie – the other days I’ll have a ready made one, usually from Savse.  I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients … read more.


Nutribullet Ideal World

The Nutribullet has a cult following which probably seems a little strange to the uninitiated, as on first appearances it’s just basically a bullet shaped blender; this is true, but the main reason I think so many people love their … read more.

Health Hacks: Plenish Cold Pressed Juices

Plenish Cold Pressed Juices Review

I’m still trying really hard to improve my health through my diet by adding in lots of good stuff and eating less of the bad stuff – I still have my takeaway treats, I still eat cake whenever I fancy … read more.

SodaStream and Dermalogica SparklingSkin Package

SodaStream Dermalogica

When I was a kid, I used to obsessed with my Nan’s SodaStream; I just thought it was the most fantastic gadget! I’ve always been a lover of fizzy drinks, so a machine that allowed you to create fizzy drinks … read more.