Homedics TotalClean Desktop Air Purifier

Homedics TotalClean Desktop Air Purifier

*PR Sample*  My son and I both really struggle with allergies, and ever since we moved home a couple of years ago, our allergies have got so much worse, so I rely heavily on the aid of air purifiers and I currently have four - not even kidding.  I have a lovely big one for my living room (the Homedics True HEPA Tower - I've had it for years and it's still going strong), one for each bedroom and a spare for backup.  I always make sure the very[...]

Christmas Candles

I really do love Christmas candles so much; I don't feel like anything is properly "Christmassy" unless there's a Christmas fragrance burning away in the background.  Candles tap into the often neglected sense of smell, a sense that I particularly find so evocative when it comes to needing to quickly feel a certain way - I never feel quite as excited about Christmas as I do when I'm wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and burning my f[...]

Vegan Soy Wax Candles by Handmade by Hanna Rose

Eurgh, it has been a horrible few weeks with Teddy struggling to shake that horrid cold (it's lasted almost a month!) so we've been in and out of the Doctor's surgery and Teddy has had to take quite a bit of time of school.  Not fun! Thankfully (touch wood) he finally seems better and, apart from a bit of a bunged up nose and the occasional cough, he seems brighter, so hopefully we can all start getting back to normal - a month is a long time to[...]

My Holiday Reading List

Okay so it's November and I'm still talking about my holiday...however, I thought I should write this post as I know a lot of people will be getting a good chunk of time off for the Christmas break, so if you're a reader then there are some great books here that I've been working my way through.  Calling them my "holiday reads" is a bit of a stretch, as it was my first holiday with Teddy, so whilst on previous holidays I could get through at leas[...]

Introducing Sky Witness (and the fab four new shows)

A few weeks ago I received a locked suitcase delivered by courier, followed by a mobile phone in the post with some intriguing instructions to follow - hopefully you saw it all unfold on my social accounts - which was the start of an exciting weekend leading up to the launch of Sky Witness, a new channel replacing Sky Living, with a focus on bringing over some of the best American TV shows...which, in fairness, is something Sky Living did very wel[...]

Allergy Diaries: Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Ever since moving home, my son Teddy and I have developed some pretty considerable issues with allergies, yet we really struggle to work out what's causing the problem.  Teddy had some allergy testing and it all came back clear, yet he's on two doses of antihistamines and one dose of steroids a day, which barely keep his symptoms at bay.  I struggle a lot less than Teddy, but I still get typical allergy issues that'll randomly strike every now a[...]

NutriBullet 1000 Series Blender

I used to be a really big fan of putting together concoctions in my NutriBullet, but for some reason I stopped and I haven't done it for ages, until I decided to start again last month to coincide with my attempt at becoming healthier, and I'm so glad I'm back into it as it's such a great way to start the day.  My old NutriBullet was showing signs of age, so I decided to invest in a newer version, which is why I went for the NutriBullet 1000 Ser[...]

Rose Themed Products That’ll Outlive a Bunch of Flowers

I've been single for so long that the Spice Girls hadn't even had their first reunion, so Valentine's Day is just another day for flowers, no chocolates, no romance...but I do get to hang out with my little man talking about Transformers, so all is not lost.  I love fresh flowers, especially beautiful roses, but I thought I'd put together a little selection of great alternatives to fresh cut roses that'll last a lot longer. First u[...]

Abel & Cole Weekly Fruit and Veg Boxes

I always said that when I moved home (a year ago today!) that I would start doing a few more home and food posts, but last year was such a nightmare that it didn't transpire.  That's all a'changin' this year as I've feel like I've finally found my footing.  I've also developed a real joy for cooking and putting together healthy meals for Teddy and I, which leads me nicely to my Able & Cole obsession... When I first heard about Abel &a[...]

Diptyque Londres Candle

Last week I visited the newly reopened Westbourne Grove Diptyque Boutique to celebrate the launch of the Londres (London) candle; the day was that weird, British blend of warm whilst bucketing it down, so it could not have been more appropriate to be celebrating something created and inspired by London! As you would expect from a Diptyque Boutique, the Westbourne Grove store is warm and inviting and obviously smells incredible; Diptyque tend to do[...]

An Introduction to Mythyn #MyLuxeBathTime: Melusine Silk Bath Soak and Mikan Natural Candle

*Sponsored Content* Since moving home, I've become pretty excited by all the joyful bath products that exist purely to indulge, comfort and sooth both the body and mind, with a great example of such products being Mythyn, a handmade, 100% natural and completely cruelty-free range of bath and body products.  I was sent the Melusine Silk Bath Soak and Mikan Natural Candle to try. The first thing that struck me about the Mythyn range is the a[...]