The Perfect Baked Potato with the Russell Hobbs Purifry

Russell Hobbs Purifry Baked Potato

I grew up hating baked potatoes, but this was mainly due to the fact that my mum wasn’t big on putting in the time to get them all perfect and crispy and crunchy, so they just went around the microwave … read more.

Cecil the Lion Prints


There’s been a bit of a divide over the Cecil the Lion killing coverage, since there’s been such a massive outcry; some think it’s entirely justified, whilst others think there are much worse things happening in the world that don’t … read more.

Nutribullet: Favourite Smoothie Recipe

Nutribullet Smoothie Ideas

I’ve managed to maintain the Nutribullet habit and I’d say five out of every seven days I have a Nutribullet smoothie – the other days I’ll have a ready made one, usually from Savse.  I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients … read more.

Ultimate Ears UE Roll Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

UE Roll Review

If I had received a press release on the UE Roll I would likely have discarded it and thought no more about it, however, I attended a launch party for the device where we were each give an UE Roll … read more.


Nutribullet Ideal World

The Nutribullet has a cult following which probably seems a little strange to the uninitiated, as on first appearances it’s just basically a bullet shaped blender; this is true, but the main reason I think so many people love their … read more.

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home Candle

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Review

The Violette De Lune Home Candle from Timothy Dunn is a truly beautifully presented product; it comes housed in a black, leather-effect casing with contains the equally glamorous glossy black candle with the Timothy Dunn inscription on the side.

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune

I … read more.

Jo Loves Shot Candle: Salted Caramel and Fig Trees

Jo Loves Shot Candle Contents

A few weeks ago I visited the Jo Loves store to meet up with Jo Malone and create a Shot Candle; I’ve posted all about the experience here, but I thought it was time I shared with you my … read more.

La Montana Galan De Noche Candle

La Montana Galan de Noche Candle Review

La Montana is a great little range of candles with a wonderful inspiration behind the brand, as all scents are designed to replicate experiences of living in Spain, with the gorgeous Galan De Noche inspired by the jasmine-laced night time … read more.