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Instagram Weekly No.18

After a brief hiatus of well over 4 months (oops!) I'm now going to try and get back to my weekly Instagram updates as I do enjoy them and I hope you do too! This one will be focusing on uploads from the last few weeks, but after this one I'll go back to just covering the previous week.   Top Row Models Own are about to launch their amazing new Speckled Eggs collection.  Check out my full post here.   The new and extremely Glamore-ous[...]

Instagram Weekly No.17

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I started these Instagram Weekly posts, so I can't believe I'm on no. 17 already! It's been a good week for beauty (for me) as there have been lots of new arrivals for me to get excited about.  Don't forget, you can check out these uploads as they happen (the excitement!!) on my Instagram feed here (@beautygeeksascha).   Top Row Started the week (and then finished the week too) with a GlamGlow Sup[...]

Instagram Weekly No.16

It's been another odd week for me as obviously I'm still on the wind-down as I prepare to have Little Man in a couple of weeks, but there's also been quite a new releases for me to get excited about, so it's been a bit of a balancing act! As always, please do follow me on Instagram here if you don't already. Top Row A gorgeous delivery of Apivita goodies including face masks and lip balms.  I've just run out of the Rose lip balm so the timing o[...]

NYX in Next Blogger Challenge

Just a quickie to let you know that this week I will be uploading daily Lip of the Day pictures to my Instagram feed featuring the gorgeous array of lip products from NYX as featured in the below image.  Then, once the week is up, I'll be running a competition to give one lucky blog reader the full line-up of all the lippy goodies; I feel it's worth pointing out that the winner will get their own brand new set and not the set I've used for the In[...]

Instagram Weekly No.15

I was doing rather brilliantly, if I do say so myself, up until last week with the whole heavily pregnant whatnot, but I've slowed right down now as I'm officially heavy and fed up.  Still! Three and a bit weeks and the Little Man will be here...crazy stuff.  I've still been trying my best to keep up to date with my Instagram feed, so please do say hi if you're on there.   Top Row My new skincare love: Skinceuticals Retexturing Activat[...]

Instagram Weekly No.14

This weeks rundown is quite a bit different to last weeks which was soooo make-up heavy, whereas there's virtually no make-up in this week, and instead there's a variety of all sorts of other things. Top Row Sometimes, a Caramel Latte from Costa makes everything okay again. It helps that Little Man loooves his coffee (decaff).   My Molly cat, just chillin'.  "From today onwards, I get to say I'm having a baby next month".  Scary stuff. Mid[...]

Instagram Weekly No.13

It has been a make-up heavy week chock-full of amazing new launches and products; I swear I have spent more time this week cooing over new make-up than I have in the baby boy clothes aisles at Mothercare.  Therefore, rather than my usual mix of baby, beauty, pets and food, this is a mostly beauty-based Instagram Weekly, which accurately reflects my uploads from this week.  Please do come and say hello on my Instagram feed here if you're not already[...]

Instagram Weekly No.12

It's been a beauty heavy week, so I've shared lots of new things on Instagram.  If you're not already, please follow me here.   Top Row Got to see my Little Man on the scan again and he gave us a wave!  I attended the launch of the new Reiss fragrance - Grey Flower - and got to take away a personalised bottle.  Elizabeth Arden launched their new lipstick packaging with this gorgeous take on the red door which is synonymous with the br[...]

Instagram Weekly No.11

Even though I didn't attend any LFW shows (almost 8 months pregnant and running around Somerset House is not a good idea if you ask me) I did have a surprisingly busy week, with lots of lovely new beauty arrivals landing on my doormat, and a busy week = a busy Instagram feed, so if you fancy following me, then please do so here. Top Row I caved into comfort and bought some Ugg knockoffs from Primark.  Yes I look ridiculous; yes they feel like s[...]

Instagram Weekly No.10

Considering I felt like last week was crazy, I don't seem to have taken that many pictures for Instagram for some reason! Anyway, there's still plenty to check out, so if you fancy following me on Instagram then here's where you'll find me.   Top Row MUA have launched their take on the Chubby Eyes, read my review here - link.  The four shades from the gorgeous new Nails Inc Gel Effect Polishes - I love all of them!  Bobbi Brown Rich[...]

Instagram Weekly No.9

Thankfully I'm still managing to get out and about at almost 7.5 months pregnant, which I think most people probably thought wouldn't be the case; for those who don't know, I'm also on crutches and baby + crutches are not the greatest combination! It's been another fab week for me, with lots of lovely food and beauty bits and bobs that I've been Instagramming.   Top Row Gorgeous new fragrance from Chloe called Roses; absolutely in love w[...]