Boots Star Gift: Soap & Glory Glitz and Make Up Gift Set

I know how popular the Soap & Glory gift sets are, especially the amazing Boots Star Gifts which always come with a really decent saving, but I didn't realise just how much of a buzz they created until I saw them mentioned on the MSE show on ITV yesterday!  Thankfully, with that in mind, Boots tend to order a generous stock so that everyone can get in on the action, which is great.  This year the Boots Star Gift on Black Friday is the Soap &[...]

Too Faced Tutti Frutti

You can't deny the cuteness of a Too Faced launch, especially when it's got a lovely, fun theme like the Tutti Frutti collection, which is literally a fruity edit of joyful bits and bobs that will add a bit of fruity sunshine to the now dreary Winter days.  The Too Faced Tutti Frutti collection is pretty decent in size, with a wide range of products including palettes, foundation, setting spray and powders, as well as a host of lip and eye produc[...]

Six New Brow Launches

There are so many awesome brow launches recently, and as someone who is basically a bit crap at doing brows, I lap up any newness that might take my fancy.  There really is something for everyone at the moment, depending on whether you like a really polished, "Instagram" brow, or you're more like me and just want brows that look a little more refined and a little less sparse. I really rate the L'Oreal brow products because they have gone o[...]

Foundation Files: NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

There are a few high street brands that I really pay attention to when they launch a new base product, and I think NYX Professional Makeup are at the top of that list.  NYX Professional Makeup are so good at catering to all their customers, with phenomenal shade ranges in an array of formulas and finishes.  The NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop, Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation is a perfect example of exactly that. First of all, let[...]

Bargain Alert: Smashbox Superstars

I do so love a good beauty bargain, especially when it contains star products that you'd actually want, and the Smashbox Superstars set is a perfect example of exactly that; a selection of great products, all of which will actually get used.  The Smashbox Superstars set contains five products, three of which are full-sized, whilst the other two are smaller, but definitely not what I'd call sample-sized.  Here's a look at what you get: The[...]

My Beauty Pie Order #3

After the initial excitement for my Beauty Pie orders I've toned it right down recently, leaving a bit of space between the orders and letting my allowance build-up, so I could feel a bit less limited on what I can buy, without having to increase my monthly limit.  I think I mentioned in my previous posts that there's not a lot on there that's grabbing me at the moment, so it's tricky to build-up enthusiasm, even though the products I am getting[...]

Just My Look Haul

Before I went away, I was invited to have a nose around the Just My Look site and select a a few products to try.  Normally these haul types of features are a bit of a battle as I'm soooo fussy that I often struggle to find products I actually like, but that definitely wasn't the case here! Just My Look is an impressive large beauty shop, stocking some amazing brands spanning the entire beauty spectrum - think skincare, makeup, hair care, bath pr[...]

New Launches from tarte at QVC UK

Every few months we got a little lot of newness from tarte at QVC UK, and it's always something to look forward to as the edited collection is usually a total joy, with the current new arrivals proving to be no exception.  There are six new things to check-out, five of which I have here.  The only one I don't have is the Limited Edition Maracaju Gold Facial Oil, which appears to be the old style Maracaju oil just with added gold flakes.  You ca[...]

Beauty Pie Month #2 (One Month On)

Okay so it's definitely more than a month since I purchased by second box of goodies from Beauty Pie, and shared the contents with you here, but to be honest, I've kind of lost a bit of enthusiasm for the products.  I think it's mainly because I got all the ones I wanted in the first box, then I got a few that I quite fancied in the second box, now I've just ordered my third box and I'm a bit 'meh' about it all.  Don't get me wrong, the majority[...]

What I Took on Holiday – Makeup (Holiday Heroes)

You may have read my recent post on the skincare I took with me and thought how streamlined and carefully edited it was.  The exact opposite is the case here, I don't know why I felt the need to take so much makeup on holiday with me, but I did.  I think it's just because I have so many lovely products that I thought would be especially well-suited to holiday makeup looks, but really, there is no excuse for such excess. I took three palet[...]

Travel-Friendly Makeup Brush Sets (Holiday Heroes)

I desperately tried to get all the Holiday Heroes content up and running before I left for my actual holiday, as I knew how rubbish it would be to talk about products great for a holiday after mine had finished, but hey ho, here we are! I've got a few more posts focusing on great holiday bits and bobs, starting with this one that showcases some fabulous and travel-friendly make-up brush sets.  I think make-up brushes are a bit of a pain to travel[...]