New Skin


AquaGold Facial at Adonia Medical Clinic

When was the last time I reviewed a facial treatment? I can't believe how long it's been, but honestly, I think it's because my skin is behaving so well recently (please don't let this be "famous last words...") that I haven't really felt the need to try any new treatments.  Having said that, there are definitely a chosen few that I've read about and really fancied, one of which is the AquaGold Facial which I was kindly invited to try at the Adon[...]


Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant

I've been on a total mission for the past few months to find decent, spot-fighting masks that are suitable for skin like mine; skin that can't be stripped or aggressively handled but still needs a firm touch...basically adult skin that's prone to spots.  Let it never be said that beauty is always beautiful, as whilst the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant is extremely effective, it is also extremely unpleasant to use!  It's stinky and looks horr[...]


Biologique Recherche: An Introduction to my Skincare Prescription

Biologique Recherche is one of those brands that I think a lot of beauty bloggers and beauty blog readers will have heard of but not be able to place, until they make the connection between the brand name and the name of the infamous product, P50.  Therefore I was extremely excited when the people behind the brand got in touch and asked me to come in for a consultation to find me a suitable skincare prescription from the range.  How could anyone pos[...]


My Current Skincare Routine (July 2013)

My skin is crazy, as anyone who knows me/follows the blog/follows me on Twitter will know.  When the pregnancy started my skin, for whatever reason, just completely drained of moisture for the first couple of months which was novel for someone who's so used to oily skin.  Now it's back to it's old tricks with some serious oiliness and hormonal breakouts, but nothing too major or painful thanks to the routine that I'm sticking with at the moment.[...]


New Skin: Progress and my First Peel

Time for another skin update I think! All is well and I've started introducing other products; not just masks but cleansers, toners and even the occasional moisturiser too, however, I always make sure that I'm on the Jan Marini routine at least every other day to keep my progress going, especially as I'm now hopefully on my way to receiving a course of peels.  Here is my make-up free skin now: I had my first peel last week and it all went real[...]

New Skin: Update on Spots

I thought it'd be a good idea to update on what's happening with my skin with regards to spots.  It's safe to say I'm a happy bunny, since I'm down to maybe one or two a week now (if that) and they're absolutely nothing to complain about; they're small, uninfected and leave almost as soon as they arrive. Weirdly, I got a spot on my neck a couple of days ago (I've never once had one on my neck) but apart from that, there's nothing to report. The ne[...]


New Skin: First Look at Baby Quasar Plus

I was sooo excited to receive the Baby Quasar Plus*, having spent the last week or so lusting after it online (considering the weather I've had plenty of time to do so), so I'm happy to report that it finally arrived this morning.  I say "finally", but it actually only took five days to get here from America which I thought was pretty impressive! The Baby Quasar Plus (which I'm going to refer to as Baby Q for an easy life) is designed to combat[...]


New Skin: I don’t want normal skin, I want great skin!

It's a few weeks in since my last update and my skin is still acting normally.  I'm not completely clear, but I'm down to one teeny tiny spot most days (I'd say all days but I had a day last week where I had two) and these are the type of spots that acne-sufferers dream of; they're barely visible, easy to conceal and disappear within a couple of days.  No pain, no bleeding, no infection, no manky scabbing and no month-long heal's all looki[...]


New Skin: Acne Treatment N-Lite Review and Picture Update

The battle against acne continues and I'll start by apologising for the gory close-ups of my horrid skin but I thought it was necessary!!  The pictures well all taken about 4-6 weeks apart to give you an idea of the changes occurring. I've now completed my course of N-Lite and I'm still using the Jan Marini products as mentioned here.  As a blogger, I believe it's my job to try and give my readers as much information as possible so they can ass[...]

New Skin: Quick Update

I thought I'd do a quick update on what's happening with my "new skin" plan so far to update on both the new skin diet and the skincare I've been recently reviewing. Starting with the diet, it isn't going that well unfortunately! I'm really rubbish at depriving myself of anything as I'm such a cliché, so the minute I start the deprivation, I'll also start constantly and obsessively thinking about whatever it is I've removed from my diet.  I think it[...]

New Skin: N-Lite Laser First Treatment

Last week it was finally time for me to start my N-Lite laser treatment review which I was seriously excited about.  I had to be on the Jan Marini regime for a minimum of 6 weeks before starting the laser treatments and for some reason it felt like ages!  You don't actually have to be on the JM routine to receive N-Lite, but the two work really well alongside each other and The Private Clinic are really keen to ensure that I get the best results pos[...]