Barry M Midnight Gelly Collection (Black Currant, Black Cherry, Black Pistachio, Black Grape)

Another Autumn nail collection that I am smitten with - I don't know what's happened to me as I've gone from loving anything bright and pink to instead preferring something a little deeper, darker and all round vampier...enter the new Barry M Midnight Gelly Collection. Described as "off-black", these are a quad of colours that, after two coats, look almost completely black, but then a little light hits them and suddenly you see the colo[...]


NOTD: Morgan Taylor Ella of a Girl

I don't often do NOTD posts anymore, even though I aim to get my nails done weekly (as a little pampering treat for myself where I get to take an hour out of the day to just sit still and inhale the polish remover fumes...bliss!) because I tend to put all my nail pictures on Instragram - here's my feed, if you're interested - but I thought I'd share with you this shade from Morgan Taylor as I don't think I've mentioned the brand before, plus it co[...]


NOTD: Nars Roman Holiday

It's been absolutely ages since I did a NOTD post, mostly because I tend to just post my nail pics on Instagram now (so do follow me here if you can't handle a life without knowing what colour my nails are...) but I thought I'd share with you a post on the Nars Roman Holiday polish for two reasons; firstly, my original post on the Modern Future collection from whence (whence!) this polish came was popular, plus also, it's quite an interesting pin[...]


Eve Snow Forever A Dreamer and Fiji

Eve Snow is a nail brand that's very new to me, but it's definitely one I'm excited about as it's packed full of lovely looking nail goodies alongside beautiful shades, all of which have formulations designed to care for nails whilst looking pretty.  The nail polishes contain active ingredients that work to nourish and protect nails such as Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba and Argan Oil Extract. I have two shades from the collection; Forever A Dre[...]


NOTD: Models Own Diamond Luxe in Radiant Pink

My love for this new collection continues and is perfectly exemplified in the Radiant Pink shade from the Models Own Diamond Luxe collection; check out my original intro post here and my swatch post here.  I really liked all three of the shades I was sent, but Radiant Pink definitely stood out and had to go on my nails as soon as was practically possible. As you can see, it's a lovely bright pink that works on both fingers and toes, altho[...]


The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Collection – NOTD in Mint Cream

24 gorgeous, colourful shades make-up the new The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Collection, which selected stores will start stocking today.  As you'd expect from The Body Shop, these polishes are free from any nasties and are very well priced at £5 a pop.  Out of the shades I was sent, I wanted to try something a bit different rather than going for my usual pink or pink-leaning, so I thought I'd have a go at Mint Cream. I'm still pants at[...]


NOTD: Kiko Daring Game Poker Nail Lacquer in Irresistible Orchid

Today I have for you an extremely unhelpful NOTD feature that gives you absolutely no idea of the reality of this colour, Irresistible Orchid, from the Kiko Daring Game collection.  You're welcome.  This very on-trend shade (Pantone 2014 colour of the year is Radiant Orchid) is an almost purple shade of pink that is very pretty and surprisingly unusual, not that you can tell from my pictures which make it look like a muted, fuchsia for some inex[...]

NOTD: Only Fingers + Toes Spanky

I'm still joyfully making my way through my selection box of Only Fingers + Toes shades (you can check out the shades I have here) and I'm currently sporting Glam Squad on my toes which is  a beautiful, shimmering aubergine shade that looks very good against my pasty feet! On my fingers I have Spanky which is a mid, warm, pink that's a kind of cross between salmon and bubblegum; it's a little too orange to be bubblegum but it isn't orange[...]


New Shades of Seventeen Quicker Slicker Nail Polish

I am so impressed with these seasonal offerings from Seventeen's Quicker Slicker nail polish range as they're bright, fun and don't follow the stereotypical pastel route...that I'm aversed to a bit of pastel, but I do love a bright nail! There's a massive 3for2 promo going on at Boots at the mo and it includes these lovely polishes, so if you're looking for an excuse to haul some beauty, here it is... The five shades I have are Royal Indigo[...]

Kiko Sun Show Nail Lacquer in Precious Amethyst

Apologies for the dry cuticles/hands; I'm working on it! I have decided that the Kiko Life in Rio collection is in my top 3 of this year so far as I really, really love it.  It's bright and fun, yet surprisingly wearable and I've really enjoyed having a good play around with the products.  For me, the Sun Show Nail Lacquers have been the most fun of all, so here's a look at one of the shades, Precious Amethyst. The Sun Show Nail Lacquers are un[...]


NOTD: Models Own Speckled Eggs in Magpie

I posted about the newly launched Models Own Speckled Eggs polishes here, and I mentioned that I felt Magpie was likely to be the most popular as it's a fantastic shade of mint that always goes down well.  I had a manicure on my birthday last week and the person who was doing my nails said it looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream which I think is spot-on, don't you think? I am absolutely digging these polishes as I think they're lovely[...]