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Off-Topic: Dodgy Smear Results and Severe Dyskaryosis

A few weeks ago, I randomly decided to have a smear test done.  Literally I was just in the surgery with my son and I thought I'd make an appointment to have it done.  The following week I had it done and I was told I'd get the results in 14 days.  13 days later, the letter arrived and stated that I had "high grade cell changes" and that I would receive an appointment letter for a Colposcopy and possible biopsy.  The next day the appointment arriv[...]

Computer Says No…

That's quite possibly the most dull title to a post I've ever written, so I'm especially grateful if you've still clicked through... Unfortunately my hard drive died a couple of days ago, hence the lack of posting yesterday and the likely minimal posting over the next couple of days.  All my pictures of Teddy were on there, along with 4 hours worth of blog pictures, so I'm not happy, but hopefully I'll be able to get someone more savvy involve[...]

Off-Topic: My Favourite Facebook Pages

Something a bit different to finish off one of the busiest weeks of my life; it's safe to say there's a lot of amazing beauty coming our way in the near future, all of which I'll be sharing with you soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to put together a post on my favourite Facebook pages as I spend a lot of time on Facebook just mooching around, reading little features and generally remaining distracted. The Facebook page for Innocent Drinks - l[...]

Instagram Weekly Special: Teddy So Far

As promised, here's a look at my Instagram uploads of Teddy from birth until now.  I'm hoping to start my Instagram Weeklies back up again soon, so I'll be doing a 2014 so far post soon as well.  I realise again that this might not be of interest to everyone, but I'm having a day of Teddy-based indulgence :)   Top Row The first ever picture of Teddy that went online.  He was a couple of hours old in this! Teddy has shown an aptitude[...]

Off-Topic: Teddy at 16 Weeks

Today my little fella' reached 16 weeks old, which some would perceive as 4 months old, however, some also count age by the month - so as he was born on the 7th November he won't be 4 months old until the 7th March - but whatever! He's now 16 weeks old and he's such a gorgeous little boy, I am extremely proud.  As this is a bit of a milestone for him and I, I've decided to really indulge today and have the next 2 posts devoted to all things baby,[...]

Off-Topic: Currys #PortableOffice Competition Entry

I have two major loves in my life; my son Teddy and my blog.  Consequently, when packing up and getting ready to head to hospital to see the arrival of the aforementioned Teddy, I was seeking out everything I would need to continue blogging whilst I was in hospital.  This included my laptop and a charger, my phone and a charger and my camera to download images from.  Yes, it was a tad excessive but it was some wise forward planning as I ended up in[...]

Off-Topic: London Eye “Lift London” Masterclass Upgrade

In the miserable month that is known as January, I was invited on to the London Eye for one of their "Lift London" masterclasses.  Every year, the London Eye closes for maintenance, and the Powers That Be decided to celebrate the reopening of the Eye with free upgrades for visitors on the reopening day. The upgrades involved masterclasses with leading industry professionals, so you could enjoy a bit of learning with your sight-seeing during yo[...]


Off-Topic: Teddy Update at Six Weeks Old

Today my gorgeous little Teddy has been with us for six weeks.  Can you believe it's been six weeks already? And he's doing amazing things such as holding his head up fully, making efforts to communicate (although we're a long way off proper words just yet; he did say "aaahhh" which I'm confident was his attempt at "antidisestablishmentarianism", so that's ace...) and he's also mimicking movements such as hand waves and poking out tongues.  I ha[...]

Off-Topic: Bed, Birth and Beyond…

As promised, I'm writing up my experience of my birth with my Little Man Teddy.  It was all arranged for me to have a C-Section under general anaesthetic on the morning of the 7th November 2013.  General anaesthetic (GA) is not the most advisable way to have a baby, as obviously there's a chance the baby will absorb some of the GA, plus being put to sleep makes it riskier for both mother and baby (albeit very minimally), but the main reasons it was[...]

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 34+6 Weeks

Next Thursday I will be nine months pregnant...quite astonishing! I remember at the very start of this pregnancy thinking that nine months felt like an eternity (I'm impatient at the best of times) and that it would be so difficult to get on with life whilst I was aware that a little person was growing inside me, but here we are, almost at the end and I can't believe how quickly it's gone! I had a great scan yesterday with some excellent news b[...]

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 32 Weeks

As of today I am 32 weeks pregnant, so that's 8 months.  8 MONTHS PEOPLE! Can you believe it? I honestly cannot believe I'm so far along and in just a few weeks I'll have my very own son.  Crazy.  To confuse things, even though I'm 8 months today, it's still technically just under 2 months until I give birth, as when you hit 9 months pregnant you also have that 9th month to work through before you have your baby, which is why you're pregnant for 40[...]