Sleek I-Divine – Enchanted Forest

My favourite Sleek I-Divine is the Arabian Nights palette, which was packed full of gorgeous jewel-toned and slightly muted takes on colour, which allowed you to create all kinds of smoky looks that were a bit different to the traditional grey or brown smoky finish.  Arabian Nights was limited edition, but thankfully there's an I-Divine combination to take the place of Arabian Nights, which is the new and very pretty Enchanted Forest. The[...]


NOTD: Nars Roman Holiday

It's been absolutely ages since I did a NOTD post, mostly because I tend to just post my nail pics on Instagram now (so do follow me here if you can't handle a life without knowing what colour my nails are...) but I thought I'd share with you a post on the Nars Roman Holiday polish for two reasons; firstly, my original post on the Modern Future collection from whence (whence!) this polish came was popular, plus also, it's quite an interesting pin[...]


Eve Snow Forever A Dreamer and Fiji

Eve Snow is a nail brand that's very new to me, but it's definitely one I'm excited about as it's packed full of lovely looking nail goodies alongside beautiful shades, all of which have formulations designed to care for nails whilst looking pretty.  The nail polishes contain active ingredients that work to nourish and protect nails such as Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba and Argan Oil Extract. I have two shades from the collection; Forever A Dre[...]


NOTD: Models Own Diamond Luxe in Radiant Pink

My love for this new collection continues and is perfectly exemplified in the Radiant Pink shade from the Models Own Diamond Luxe collection; check out my original intro post here and my swatch post here.  I really liked all three of the shades I was sent, but Radiant Pink definitely stood out and had to go on my nails as soon as was practically possible. As you can see, it's a lovely bright pink that works on both fingers and toes, altho[...]

Boots No7 AW14 FOTD

As promised, here's my follow-up post on the Boots No7 AW14 collection.  Apologies for doing separate posts for a couple of new launches recently, I promise to get more organised and start putting them all in the same post again soon! Interestingly you can really see how dry and flat my skin is looking at the moment; it feels horrendously tight and no amount of rich oils and creams are making any difference at all.  Annoying.  Anyway, back to t[...]

FOTD: Kiko Daring Game

As promised, here's an FOTD featuring the latest release from Kiko, Daring Game, as posted about here.  I've used three products from Daring Game, the Mystery Smoky Eye Pencil in Heady Rock Brown which is awesome and a definite new favourite, plus two lip products; the Ace of Diamond Lipstick and Lip Pencil, both in the shade Distinct Golden Hibiscus. I used the Mystery Smoky Eye Pencil in a fairly thick line all around the eye, which I th[...]

NOTD: Only Fingers + Toes Spanky

I'm still joyfully making my way through my selection box of Only Fingers + Toes shades (you can check out the shades I have here) and I'm currently sporting Glam Squad on my toes which is  a beautiful, shimmering aubergine shade that looks very good against my pasty feet! On my fingers I have Spanky which is a mid, warm, pink that's a kind of cross between salmon and bubblegum; it's a little too orange to be bubblegum but it isn't orange[...]

Kiko Sun Show Nail Lacquer in Precious Amethyst

Apologies for the dry cuticles/hands; I'm working on it! I have decided that the Kiko Life in Rio collection is in my top 3 of this year so far as I really, really love it.  It's bright and fun, yet surprisingly wearable and I've really enjoyed having a good play around with the products.  For me, the Sun Show Nail Lacquers have been the most fun of all, so here's a look at one of the shades, Precious Amethyst. The Sun Show Nail Lacquers are un[...]


NOTD: Models Own Speckled Eggs in Magpie

I posted about the newly launched Models Own Speckled Eggs polishes here, and I mentioned that I felt Magpie was likely to be the most popular as it's a fantastic shade of mint that always goes down well.  I had a manicure on my birthday last week and the person who was doing my nails said it looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream which I think is spot-on, don't you think? I am absolutely digging these polishes as I think they're lovely[...]


NOTD: Max Factor Glossfinity Pink Whisper

I'm currently working my way through whatever new shades of pink I can find that don't fall into the traditional baby/fuchsia shades that I've always gone for.  Pink Whisper from Max Factor's Glossfinity range is the perfect anti-pink pink as it's muted, very nude leaning and extremely easy to wear.  It's one of those shades that will go with anything and it's also ideal for anyone interested in trying the nude nails trend but doesn't fancy goin[...]


NOTD: Boots No7 Pink Blossom

As promised, here's a NOTD featuring Boots No7 Pink Blossom from their newly launched Spring collection, more of which you can read about in my intro post here. Pink Blossom is a lovely shade of pink that stays on the safe side of baby pink, so it isn't too girly or sweet, rather it's a happy medium between baby pink and rose pink.  It's a very easy to wear shade as it's quite muted and almost leans a little nude in certain lights. I'[...]