Philips ReAura: What’s Happening?!

I’ve had a few comments and e-mails about why I haven’t posted about the ReAura for a little while, so I thought that it would make sense to write a quick post about it.

As pretty much anyone who’s ever … read more.

Philips ReAura: Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

Since starting my ReAura log, I’ve met some fantastic people online who have e-mailed me questions and kept in touch.  A few months ago, a young man got in touch with questions about treating his chest which was quite sun … read more.

Philips ReAura: Fifth Treatment Log

This will technically be my first treatment log as it’s been a good few months since I did the first four treatments due to the fact that my skin broke out after I got lazy with keeping up with regular … read more.

Philips ReAura: Yet Another Update….

After battling my skin for what seemed like an eternity, I am now at a point where I can comfortably ReAura around the couple of spots I have left, so I did!  The next post will be up in a … read more.

Philips ReAura: Tiny Update

As mentioned in my previous update, I can’t use my beloved ReAura as my skin is going crazy – breaking out all over the place – and obviously the ReAura isn’t suitable for treating skin that’s inflamed. So until further … read more.

Philips ReAura: Quick Update

If you managed to catch my most recent log (if not, it can be found here) then you’ll know that I’d become incredibly casual about my skincare, and as a consequence, I wasn’t regularly ReAuraing like I should’ve been. … read more.

Philips ReAura: Fourth Treatment Log

Get comfy, this may take a while……

So I am officially rubbish as I’m not doing a great job at keeping my ReAura log updated nor am I doing a particularly good job at keeping up with the treatments, but … read more.

Philips ReAura: My ReAura Support Site

I wanted to write a little about the support site, “My ReAura”, to give possible future users an idea of what to expect from the site.  When you decide to purchase the ReAura, one of the first things you’ll do … read more.