Promotions (non BeautyGeek)

Esqido Lash Finder Service

So much to say today! Here's my last post for today which I wanted to share with you as I quite like the idea of a service that matches you with your perfect set of false lashes, so welcome the Esqido Lash Finder Service.  It's literally a questionnaire that takes you through a series of situations and helps you narrow down when and where you're most likely to wear the lashes before matching you accordingly.  It's a nifty idea and it's a lot mor[...]

Caudalie #1Wish1Tree

Just a quickie regarding this absolutely lovely concept from lovely French brand Caudalie who are offering to plant a tree every time you send a Christmas greeting e-card through their site here.  You can even pick which tree you want planted which to me makes this experience even more personal.  There doesn't appear to be a limit on how many e-cards you can send either, so here's a great opportunity to earn some brownie points with friends by s[...]

Mio Workout Wonder for Londoners

Mio (of Mama Mio fame) have recently launched a new range of beauty products designed to compliment or improve your fitness routine; think tighteners, firmers, gels and soaks that fit around the before, during and after workout time.  To celebrate these new arrivals, Mio have joined forces with Psycle to create a party on a bike.  For someone as lazy and demotivated as me this is pretty much my idea of hell, but for the majority of you guys who do a[...]


Steamcream Design a Tin Contest

I'm sure we're all familiar with Steamcream - the little pot of cream that's suitable for all over use and packed full of gorgeous goodies such as orange flower water and organic jojoba oil - so I won't launch into a long introduction of the product.  What I will do is share with you my envy for all you artistic types who are capable of drawing and designing pretty things that please the eye and make both the product and the creator look wonderfu[...]

Nails Inc Discount Weekend

Nails Inc have a promotion this weekend with very few exclusions.  There's 20% off and the only items you can't use the code on are Bling it On Denim and Studs, Couture and Create Your Own, as well as sale items and vouchers, but everything else is eligible, including the gorgeous Spring/Summer Collection, which contains six summery minis for £22, but with the discount it will be £17.60. Other picks include Grosvenor Gardens - a mix of p[...]

Illamasqua Lipstick Through the Decades Promotion

Just a quick heads-up: Illamasqua are celebrating the ever-changing popular shades of lipstick through the decades, starting with the 1920s, by launching a promotion that allows you to get a free purchase when you buy two lipsticks, so three-for-two. Therefore you end up with three lipsticks for £32 which is not bad at all.  If you're looking to update your make-up wardrobe with some of the fabulous offerings from Illamasqua then now is the t[...]

Boots Give it a Go

According to Boots, making small but different changes to our approach to beauty can not only leave us looking fabulous, but also make us feel good too.  Psychologist, Dr Kate Hefferon, says "There have been several studies into the physical and mental benefits of experiencing something new. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone, even with the smallest things like make-up can really energise you and make you feel more flexible and adaptable ab[...]


Online Sales Still Worth Checking Out

I don't know about you, but it already feels like the Christmas season ended ages ago...or maybe that's just my wishful thinking?  Thankfully there are still ways to carry on the Christmas spirit and fight away the New Year blues by having a little splurge and grabbing a bargain. A lot of people tend to visit the sale pages of sites when the sales first launch, but it's worth remembering that not all sale stock is put on the site immediately, plus as[...]


Clarisonic For £99 – SpaceNK Sale!!

There appear to be quite a few goodies available in the Space NK sale already, including the Clarisonic down from £155 to £99 including post and package plus a free mini Eve Lom cleanser which is a mega saving, especially as Clarisonic is so rarely reduced. I'm a huge fan of the Clarisonic; I've recently purchased a new brush head for spot-prone skin which I've been really enjoying using, so I'll be reviewing it soon as well as uploading a compariso[...]


Early Christmas Sales

It isn't even Christmas yet and already there are a wealth of sale items available if you know where to look.  I've spent the last few hours having a good hunt around to see if there's anything worth checking out, so here's what I've come up with:Harrods There are some *serious* bargains to be had at the Harrods sales which just launched today.  There's a lot of Sisley and Giorgio Armani with some really good savings, plus a few key pieces from Lau[...]


Merry Bene-Christmas!

Benefit have a couple of Christmassy things happening at the moment that I thought might be of interest.  Firstly, they now have a "wishlist" application that you can download to your phone.  You then create a list of products you fancy from the Benefit range and subtly share it on Facebook (you could even tag those who you're trying to hint at for added subtlety...) thus removing the "what shall I buy her for Christmas?" worry out of all of your fr[...]