Bargain Alert: Supersized Philip Kingsley Elasticizer at QVC UK

I have been meaning to post about this extremely good deal from QVC UK for absolutely ages, but kept forgetting! The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is one of those cult products that every hair type can benefit from, especially as it's a pre-wash treatment, so those who have hair that can easily get weighed down by traditional deep conditioners can also use this in their routine.  I've been a Philip Kingsley fan for such a long time and I used to pi[...]

QVC UK TSV: Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection

Almost exactly a year ago, Shay & Blue launched their first ever QVC UK TSV, which went down so well that they're doing it again, with a very similarly themed 4-piece collection, although this time you can pick your scent.  The Shay & Blue 4 Piece Fragrance Collection contains three matching products in a choice of either Atropa Belladona (for more info on this fragrance check out my post here) or Black Tulip, the latter of which was init[...]

QVC UK TSV: Time Bomb 4 Piece Favourites Collection

You can't beat a QVC UK TSV, so I'm excited to share with you the Time Bomb 4 Piece Favourites Collection, which contains 4 full-sized products from the range with 75% off the original price of the products combined.  Here's a look at what you get: First up is the Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleanse + Buff Supersize which contains 200ml of product. This is a moisturising cleanser that contains small granules to provide a manual exfoliation, pr[...]

QVC UK TSV: Elemis 4-Piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Ageing Heroes Collection

I'm always excited to feature an Elemis QVC UK TSV, and when it turns out it's going to be a heroes collection, I'm even happier! The Elemis 4-Piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Ageing Heroes Collection contains four brilliant products from the existing collection, three of which are full-sized, with the final product being a very decent deluxe sample size. One of my favourite Elemis products is the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm - a gorgeously rich, no[...]

QVC UK TSV: Time Bomb Supersize Collection

It appears that March is the month for amazing QVC TSVs as I have another one for you: the Time Bomb Supersize Collection is a brilliant edit of four best-selling Time Bomb products, all in generous sizes with a huge saving, making it the brand's biggest and best offer to date. The Time Bomb Supersize Collection QVC TSV is a particularly timely set for me, as it contains a quad of products designed to help with stressed, dry, dull skin an[...]

QVC UK TSV: Elemis 6 Piece Head to Toe Overnight Radiant Skin Collection

Hi guys! Lots of you are visiting this page looking for the April 2019 QVC UK TSV - the Reveal Radiant Skin Collection - which you can find by clicking on this link here.   Today is all about the QVC TSV joy thanks to the previous post on the current tarte special (read here and act quickly to secure your shade of the new Shape Tape Foundation) and now I have a bit of a heads-up on the upcoming April Elemis QVC TSV, the  Elemis 6 Piece Head to T[...]

QVC UK TSV: tarte 5 Piece Shape Tape Foundation Make-Up Collection

I've got a couple of fantastic QVC TSVs to share with you today, starting with the tarte 5 Piece Shape Tape Foundation Make-Up Collection. tarte TSVs are fabulous generally, but factor in the fact that they're focused around the new Shape Tape Foundation and these are overwhelmingly exciting!  As die-hard tarte fans may know, there's actually two variants of the new tarte Shape Tape Foundation, Matte and Hydrating, with this particular TSBV focu[...]

QVC UK TSV: Elemis 4 Piece Superfood Skincare Collection

Another day, another great QVC TSV! The Elemis 4 Piece Superfood Skincare Collection is particularly exciting because it contains a couple of items from the soon-to-launch Superfood range, a nutrient-rich collection of skincare aimed at gently helping skin get its glow back.  The Elemis 4 Piece Superfood Skincare Collection contains two of the new Superfood products alongside two existing favourites. First is the Superfood Facial Wash, a[...]

QVC UK TSV: DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Collection

This is very exciting! We all know and love DECIEM and their many, many awesome brands, so the DECIEM 5 Piece Heroes Collection celebrates all the fantastic brands under the DECIEM umbrella, with a look at five of their key hydrating products - this set is perfectly time for the colder months when we all need a bit of help with hydration, so I'm very excited about this QVC TSV! It's not a strict QVC TSV in the traditional sense as you'll ac[...]

QVC TSV: Time Bomb Christmas Collection

The Time Bomb Christmas Collection is going to be this weekend's beauty QVC TSV and it contains a great selection of products; those who like their TSV's to be packed full of generous sizes and new launches will love this TSV, since not only does it contain some of the brand favourites, there's also an exciting new product launch included too. The ABC Vitamin Solution is exactly as it sounds, a vitamin-based solution containing Retinol (Vit[...]

IT Cosmetics Your Top 5 Superstars Holiday Makeup Collection

I'm so annoyed with myself, as I had the amazing IT Cosmetics Your Top 5 Superstars Holiday Makeup Collection to show you as part of a QVC TSV over the weekend, but in the excitement of Teddy's 4th birthday (can you believe he's 4??) I completely missed the time slot and now the TSV has ended.  However, the news isn't all bad as the set is still available and there are still savings to be had, just not 'omg tsv' savings.  Still a total bargain[...]