Fab or Fad? Beauty Pie Beauty Buyer’s Club

I’ve had this post brewing for a good few months and I’ve spent the whole time mulling it all over and trying to process what my thoughts are on this new way to buy beauty products.  I’m sure you’ve seen … read more.

A Quick Update and Bath Product Recommendations Please!!

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how little I have blogged in the last month…in my defence, I have just moved home (I’m still doing the crossover now – never have you seen so many beauty products boxed up; I … read more.

My Week in Review #2

It hasn’t been the most exciting week, but there are a few things I thought I’d share…

Listening to Amazon Prime 90’s Radio Station – I blimin’ love Amazon Prime; I love the quick deliveries, I love the choice of … read more.

A Belated Happy New Year

Ever since the year started (a whole week ago) I’ve been in a state of limbo waiting for certain things to occur so that I could crack on with my 2017.  Many of you will know that I’ve been trying … read more.

Where did you go, blogging mojo?

Mojo Lost Meh

Could I BE any more self-indulgent today? Please forgive me, I’ve been really struggling for a few weeks and I finally feel like I can start writing again, so I’m going with it and I hope that normal activity will … read more.



I always feel a bit rubbish when I become inconsistent with my posting schedule, as I feel like on one hand I spend months trying to convince you to read and follow my blog with the understanding that I’ll update … read more.

Hello New Blog!

New Blog Design Beauty Geek

New week, new blog! I’ve finally finished the design of my blog and I’m pretty happy with it – it’s not perfect, nor will it ever be, but I feel like I’ve done all I can to get it to … read more.

#LightsCameraCurrys Camera Workshop

Paul Hames Photography

Last weekend I did something I very rarely do on a Saturday, which is get up early, get dressed and actually leave the home to do something practical and beneficial, rather than sit around in my PJs watching Breaking Bad … read more.