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New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Well hello 2015! I know I've already written a post wishing you all a Happy New Year, but I actually wrote that last year and scheduled it, so technically this is the first post I've written in 2015; HOW EXCITING.  I have to confess, I'm quite pleased it's all over so I can get back to work and allow normality to resume.  I did enjoy my time off, which consisted mostly of hanging with Teddy and watching films, but so much is going to happen[...]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015!!  I hope you had a lovely NYE? I'll be disappearing for a few more days of holiday (I really had to force it though, which is quite surprising as nobody can ever accuse me of being a workaholic...) but I will be back on the first Monday of 2015 in just a few day time with more beauty news and reviews as well as a look back on my beauty year that was 2014. I hope you did NYE proud and aren't suffering too severely today.  Back[...]

Please Vote for me in the Cosmo Awards

It's that time of the year again when your blog-reading pleasure is interrupted with lots of annoying, pleading posts from bloggers hoping to persuade you to vote for them.  Here's another one! I would be so grateful if you could take a minute to vote for me in the Cosmo awards as I would really love to win.  I don't think I ever will, but it would be nice to progress to the shortlist one year!  If you have a moment, please head here - link - wh[...]


Gorgeous Women Over 60

Recently I've been attending quite a few launches for anti-ageing products where the generally promoted view is how awful ageing is; we're shown images and graphs detailing signs of ageing and how 'terrible' women can look if they don't act immediately (men are fine to age freely) and I've found it a little de-pressing.  Don't get me wrong, I will absolutely be fighting the signs of ageing when they start to really take hold (I'm already aware of my[...]


A Quick Look at Beauty from 1964 – 2014

Superdrug turn 50 this year (yet they don't look a day over 17 due to their free access to all the best anti-ageing products) and to mark the occasion they've pulled some images from the vault to give us an insight into beauty 50 years ago.  I love stuff like this; it makes me long for simpler times when hair would Go Gay and be held tenderly yet firmly by Sunsilk (see below) and your mascara came in a cake format.  Those were the days, I'm sure[...]


An Introduction to My eBay Collections

I'm sure you'll have seen the recent addition to eBay which is a new way of storing and organising your favourite listings, and it's called eBay Collections.  These collections are Pinterest-style boards of items that you can theme in any way you see fit and it's a great way to put together wish lists as well as inspirational collections of things you love to keep tabs on.  I've put together 12 boards in total, all of which can be found here, bu[...]

A Million Thank Yous!

At some point at the start of this week my blog made a million views which is just amazing; thank you so much to everyone who regularly stops by and has made this possible! It's been about 2.5 years since I started blogging and I remember how excited I was when I made 10 views, then again when I made 100 so it's quite astounding to look at my blog and see it's made over a million views...I'm so very proud and very grateful! I realise to some this[...]

Update and Happy New Year!

Can you believe we're now a couple of days into 2014?? Not just that, but today Teddy is 2 months old which is crazy!! Last week my internet went down, and rather than do the usual panic and head over to my mum's to continue blogging, I decided to down tools for a few days and give myself the first proper break from blogging since I first started almost two and half years ago.  I spent the last few days hanging out with Teddy, watching Netflix an[...]

Milestone: 1000 Posts!

Yesterday I wrote my 1000th (and then 1001th) post! I'd never have thought when I started writing this blog that I'd end up writing over 1000 posts, but not just that, I also feel that I am likely to write 1000 more which is extraordinary and makes me so happy that I decided to start this blog just over 2 years ago. To give you an idea, I've only written a post with less than 200 words a handful of times (and there's about 10 or so Wordless Wednesd[...]