Five Essential Skincare Products (for every skincare kit)

I've always been someone who really loves skincare and will always get more excited about a new serum than a new lipstick...although I'll still get pretty excited about the latter too! Consequently, I've worked my way through a lot of skincare, and since I started blogging I've been fortunate enough to try some amazing products from fabulous brands. There are a few that really stand the test of time and work wonders on my skin, so I tend to[...]

Skincare Tweaks: Great Products for Personalising your Skincare Routine

Ever since I developed a passion for skincare, I've often found myself creating an almost ideal routine that suits my skin perfectly, but it's always missing something; it either needs to be slightly more hydrating, a little more spot-fighting, a tad more get the picture.  With that in mind, I've put together a few great ranges and products that are brilliant for tweaking your routine, that'll hopefully make that minor adjustment ra[...]

Glossybox May 2017

The Glossybox May 2017 is a good'n, full of goodies themed around the 'back to basics' concept, so there are five products that kind of fall under the category of beauty basics, depending on what you believe beauty basics to mean! Either way, it's a lovely selection. The May 2017 Glossybox contents contains five products in total, two of which are make-up, then there are two skincare bits and a body product too.  I think everything is full[...]


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skincare

I wasn't especially excited when I heard about the fact that Neutrogena had some new launches arriving as I haven't really tried much from the range before as nothing as grabbed me.  I've seen some great products from Neutrogena that are inexplicably only available in America, whereas we seem to get a very basic, pared down collection from the brand, which is annoying as they have quite the reputation as an affordable, accessible and effective sk[...]


Revisited: Clinique Moisture Surge Range

I'm aware the blog is very skincare-heavy at at the moment; I fasted, so now I binge.  The Clinique Moisture Surge range is my favourite of the Clinique skincare lines by far (although, if you have awkward skin like mine, then the Turnaround range is great too) and it's one I turn to again and again because it achieves what a lot of skincare ranges set out to do, but rarely manage, and that is to provide a big burst of hydration without causing o[...]


Restyle and Colour at Daniel Galvin, Kensington

A few weeks ago I made what was to be my third ever visit to a Daniel Galvin salon, although my first two visits were to the George Street venue, and this time I went to the Kensington salon instead.  The two salons couldn't be more different, with the George Street salon being a busy, bright and bustling space with that typical Central London vibe, whereas the Kensington salon is a much more peaceful, tranquil affair; both venues are lovely, so[...]


Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Family

The brand I get the most e-mails about, by far, is Biologique Recherche; partly because, whilst they are one of the very best skincare ranges in the world (and my personal favourite), they're not the easiest to get your head around, and that isn't just because they're French and so the product names are a little confusing, but also because the products are complex, complicated and you really do need to see a specialist before putting together your[...]

Revisited: Child’s Farm Hand and Body Lotion

It's all about the newness today, as not only do I have a new blog with new categories, I'm now adding a new series too! A few weeks ago I wrote an Ode to Seche Vite which was my opportunity to talk more about how much I love Seche, and at the time I thought it would be nice to have a series where I occasionally talk about products I've already discussed previously, to see how I'm getting on with them.  This will mostly be an opportunity for me to b[...]