My Beauty Pie Order #3

After the initial excitement for my Beauty Pie orders I've toned it right down recently, leaving a bit of space between the orders and letting my allowance build-up, so I could feel a bit less limited on what I can buy, without having to increase my monthly limit.  I think I mentioned in my previous posts that there's not a lot on there that's grabbing me at the moment, so it's tricky to build-up enthusiasm, even though the products I am getting[...]

A Few New ELF Skincare Launches

I quite like what ELF have done recently, having left the UK market for a short time (or at least gone very quiet...) before shouting about their return, and with good reason, since they've completely revamped and made themselves an entirely reputable contender in the budget/high-street beauty market, with some great options for both skincare and make-up.  The ELF range is now unbelievably vast - you'll need a while to have a nose around the site[...]

Mask Monday: New Launches from Masquebar

Do you remember when Masquebar launched with their quad of boxes with individual masks, and that was pretty much all they had for a while? Then all of sudden, they started adding lots of new launches to their collection, and now it seems like every few days there's something new! I've got a few new bits to show you - just a heads-up as I haven't had a chance to try them yet: The Luminizing Charcoal Nose Strips sound interesting, as I always[...]

What I Took On Holiday – Sun Care (Holiday Heroes)

I took quite a bit of sun care away with me, as you can see, with the entirely reasonable justification that it was to cover all eventualities for all three of us.  Therefore I took lots of SPF for mum, Teddy and I, as well as some decent hair protectors (none of which got used) and some after sun products too, just in case. Big shock, I took a full bottle of NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection and that's pretty much all I used on my face.[...]

What I Took On Holiday – Skincare (Holiday Heroes)

I went on holiday with the very best intentions, promising to maintain a solid skincare routine, do lots of treatments and masks, wear a high, daily SPF and return with skin glowing from TLC rather than excessive sun.  Other than wearing the daily SPF (Neostrata for life *bumps chest with fist*), my skincare routing was positively rubbish.  I did not one single mask, I barely cleansed (it was all very micellar-y) and I just about managed moistur[...]

SPF Primers (Holiday Heroes)

I WILL help you find your perfect facial SPF.  As someone who finally cracked it this year, finding an array of SPFs that suit my varying news, I'm putting out lots of SPF-led content to help you find your new SPF love.  I've written a lovely big post on facial SPFs here, so if you're not sure where to start then there's a good spot, but if you know what you like and it's a SPF that'll double as a primer, thus saving a few precious minutes on yo[...]

Skin Design London C Antioxidant Glow Serum (and Dermaroller)

A few months ago I had a fantastic facial courtesy of Skin Design London (check out my full review here - must book in again when I get back from holiday) which included a take home Dermaroller.  I was also sent one of their key products, the C Antioxidant Glow Serum which I specifically requested as I know it was used during my treatment, plus Vitamin C is one of those great ingredients that works really well with Dermarolling, so with that in m[...]

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 (Holiday Heroes)

I featured the Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 in my big ol' facial SPF post here, mentioning that I would follow-up with a full review of this fabulous new product, so here it is! The Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 is part of the new range of primers from Bobbi Brown, which includes four new products: Primer Plus Mattifier (£24), Primer Plus Radiance SPF35 (£24), Primer Plus Hydrating 3in1 Setting Spray (£22) and the produc[...]


The Perfect Oil for Every Skincare Need

Even though I'm acne-prone (although it's currently all under control, thankfully!) I absolutely love a facial oil and I think they're one of the best things you can add to your skincare routine, even though they're pretty controversial, as some dermatologists think oils are the worst product for your skin (as your skin should be making its own oil, in a perfect world) whilst others think they're a great way to help skin that's in need of assistan[...]

Your Perfect Facial SPF is Probably Here (Holiday Heroes)

My holiday is in two weeks! TWO WEEKS, BABY! So I'm doing a few holiday posts which I'm tagging "Holiday Heroes" to make it easier for you guys to find them all in one place.  This is the year that I have finally pulled my socks up and ensured I never leave the house without a good facial SPF, since they are such an essential part of a good skincare routine and it does seem quite ridiculous to focus so much time on caring for and perfecting skin,[...]

Obagi C-Therapy Night Cream

If you've read my blog for any length of time then you'll know that I am a total, utter and complete convert to the astoundingly transformative Obagi skincare line; honestly, if you have tricky skin in any way and have worked your way through hoards of skincare, prepare to invest (as Obagi aren't cheap) and get yourself on an Obagi system as it will change everything.  I've tried a few products from the range and there are three keepers that I wi[...]