Mary Kay Clear Proof Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin

I'm not sure I've ever featured Mary Kay, which is crazy as it's the sort of brand I think you and I would really like; it's attractively packaged, innovative and generally pretty interesting, so I've no idea why it's eluded a blog feature for so long.  Today that all changes as I wanted to share with you a look a the  new Mary Kay Clear Proof skincare range.  I haven't tried it - I've literally only just received it - as at the moment I get so[...]

Mask Monday: Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Mask

I've had a few of these Garnier sheet masks floating around and I've been wanting to try one for ages, but I'm funny about sheet masks and really have to be in the mood to use one.  The time eventually came around last weekend and the first mask I wanted to try was the Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Mask, as I've heard nothing but great things and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype! The Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegran[...]

Elemis Skin Exchange at John Lewis

Sometimes your skin, mind and well-being are crying out for a luxury, pampering treatment that goes on for hours, takes place in a room of serenity and costs a small fortune, because you're worth it.  Other times, you just need a good basic facial to provide speedy results without all the bells and whistles.  If it's the latter your'e after, the Elemis Skin Exchange at John Lewis could well be worth checking out. Obviously this is still E[...]

Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser

Oh the joy of an Omorovicza cleanser.  Seriously, if I had to commit to one brand for all my cleansing needs, it would 100% be Omorovicza.  I did a quick intro to the Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser in this post, but i thought it was about time I gave it a more thorough review.  As you would expect from the wonderfully consistent Omorovicza, this is one of those lovely products that does exactly as it promises, in a beautiful formula, housed in pe[...]

Hyaluronic Acid Serums (Plus Six Great Products for All Budgets)

I am so in love with my Obagi routine, and almost two months later I still feel the same, but there are definitely a couple of things I miss from everyday skincare.  The first is acids - I really do love a good acid and miss using one regularly - and the second is a lovely, hydrating, Hyaluronic Acid serum.  There is just something so joyful about applying a serum full of Hyaluronic Acid that gives skin that immediate, plumping boost and fills i[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Cleansing Cream

I really like Alpha-H as a brand, as I think they offer a decent range to rival much more expensive cosmeceutical brands, thanks to their dedication to acid-based exfoliation, although they do have some lovely non-acid products in their range, such as their gorgeous Vitamin E Serum.  The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Cleansing Cream is a perfect example of just how effective their products are - expect a seriously exfoliating cleanse that'll l[...]

QVC UK TSV: Elemis 4-Piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Ageing Heroes Collection

I'm always excited to feature an Elemis QVC UK TSV, and when it turns out it's going to be a heroes collection, I'm even happier! The Elemis 4-Piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Ageing Heroes Collection contains four brilliant products from the existing collection, three of which are full-sized, with the final product being a very decent deluxe sample size. One of my favourite Elemis products is the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm - a gorgeously rich, no[...]

Obagi-C Rx Skincare: Morning Products

I wrote my intro post to the Obagi-C Rx range around a month ago, so now I've been using the Obagi Skincare products for I think about six weeks  and I thought now would be a good time to share more detailed reviews of each of the products.  I'm still getting on really well with the range, and I can definitely see some great results already.  I actually find the range really exciting as the products work so quickly and perform so well; the posi[...]

New Launches from Omorovicza

I've come to the conclusion that the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm is my all-time favourite cleanser as it is such a joy to use.  Omorovicza do some truly amazing cleansers and they are one of my ultimate luxury skincare brands - I genuinely get excited whenever they launch anything new, so you can imagine how I felt when all this newness launched and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Omorovicza have a whole host of iconic products[...]

Tula Kefir Skincare Range

I was introduced to the Tula Probiotic Skincare range at the start of the year, and I was so impressed with it, as it really is a lovely range of products that are great for correcting, balancing and generally improving all types of skin woes.  Therefore, I was hugely excited to hear that they had extended their range to include a collection of Kefir products, and consequently couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  The Tula Kefir range is all a[...]

Bodhi & Birch Superfood Series: Avo Bao Cleansing Balm and Super25 Botanical Serum

Bodhi & Birch are the loveliest brand ever, full of soul products that have been so carefully and lovingly created, you can feel the joy with every drop. The Superfood Series is something I've been itching to get my hands on since I first heard of it, and as soon as it was officially announced I started drooling over each and every product: How could you not want a Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic, and Avo Bao Cleansing Balm and a Tomato Seed Cleans[...]