My Radiance Boosting Facial

Now I'm free to dabble in the wonderful world of skincare again, I've been trying out various products I've amassed over the past few months to create what I feel works as a good facial for boosting radiance.  Whilst my skin is virtually clear, it does tend to show signs of dehydration quite often and if ever I have an event or night out planned where I'd like my skin to look a little more fresh and radiant, I use these three products as a quick[...]


At Home Facial

I love facials.  Either in-salon or at home, I love the indulgent, pampering aspect of facials, but I also love the fact that they incorporate two of my favourite skin things: deep cleansing and treatment masks.  Due to my love of facials, I have a lot of products that are aimed at achieving solid results at home.  I have tricky skin that struggles to find balance so I need to tailor-make my facial so it addresses my spots, but also doesn't aggrav[...]


Lazy Girl’s Pedicure

Inspired by a Twitter chat I had with the lovely Never2Broke4Beauty and FabFingerTips about winter feet maintenance (I know, charming topic) I decided to delve a little deeper into finding out how we can keep our feet looking passable without putting in much effort.  I love having pretty feet to show off in the summer, but when winter arrives and they spend three quarters of the day covered in socks, I tend to lean towards thinking "what's the point?[...]


Tightlining the Eyes Tutorial

I briefly covered the Tightlining technique in my introduction here and as promised, here is a tutorial on how to achieve Tightlined eyes.Here's what you will need: L-R: Water Spray, Mascara, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Liner suitable for tightlining. WaterYou don't need a water spray as you can just use a tap, but I find it much more convenient to just spray the brush rather than having to pop to the bathroom each time the brush needs dampening.MascaraYo[...]


Tightlining the Eyes – A Brief Introduction

I mentioned on Twitter how I'm really pleased to have come across an eyelining technique called tightlining and a few people got in touch to find out more. It's a tricky technique to explain with words, but I'm going to try! Next week I'll do a pictorial but in the meantime, I'll elaborate on what tightlining is so that hopefully you can give it a go. There seems to be a bit of confusion in regards to the difference between tightlining and lining t[...]


Quick Pre-Bed Facial

Whilst this isn't a facial in the usual sense (I don't allocate a lot of time to cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masks etc) I really like to do these steps on days where I feel my skin is crying out for a boost. If you're short oftimebut need to put some glow backinto your facial skin, then this is a really good mini-facial to try: Firstly, I remove all my make-up with a facial wipe. I only ever see facial wipes as a make-up remover and never as som[...]

Tips for Applying Under-Eye Concealer

How you apply under-eye concealer is much more important than the concealer itself.  I spent years investing in various brands of concealer wondering why none of them worked for me and after I researched application techniques, I realised it was because of the way I applying the product that I wasn't seeing any results.  In this blog, I'll cover a few techniques I've learned, plus things to take into account when considering purchasing a new under-e[...]