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Five Things I Love: May 2014

I completely missed April in my Love List series even though there was lots I was loving.  This month my list is mostly skincare based since it's been a very skincare-heavy month for me.  Having made a good start on goodies launching this month I can pretty much predict next month will be make-up heavy, so it should balance out.  Here's a run down of things I was loving in May. First up we have the Elemental Herbology Macadamia and Papaya Ra[...]

Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements: Skin Accumax, Skin Omegas+ and Vit A+

For the past few weeks I've been taking Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements and I am very surprised to say that I am a total convert.  I've been taking a good handful of pills on a daily basis; 2 of the Skin Accumax (specifically designed for treating acne), Omega 3 (for overall skin improvement) and Vit A+ which works alongside Vitamin D to improve the overall health of skin. The past month has probably been the most life-changi[...]