bareMinerals Gen Nude Lip Collection

At the start of the month I wrote about some of the exciting new launches that were arriving, including the bareMinerals Gen Nude collection, which is a very exciting line of lip products that cover all approaches to the nude lip in a variety of formats and finishes.  The collection contains an impressive 40 shades in four different finishes, and I was sent some of the pinker-leaning colours to have a play with. Let's first look at the liq[...]


bareMinerals Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Oil Balm

If I'm honest, I find eye creams, gels and general eye skincare products pretty dull.  I like the idea of them and I think they're good investment skincare, but I'm in no hurry to get rid of my outer eye crinkles (imprints of how much I've laughed already!) and therefore few eye skincare products get me particularly excited.  However, bareMinerals are launching a new line of skincare next year with some extremely exciting products, including, su[...]


bareMinerals Modern Pop Collection

I'm fairly confident I started salivating when the bareMinerals Modern Pop collection came into my possession; a bareMinerals collection inspired by the 60's containing gorgeously wearable nudes with all the packaging covered in polka-dots? I mean, REALLY? Anything inspired by the 60's makes me happy as it is, add polka-dots and I'm like Teddy when his toes are tickled. The bareMinerals Modern Pop collection focuses on lips and eyes, with t[...]


bareMinerals Confidence Makeup Suite

To mark Body Confidence week in October and to celebrate the 2014 Body Confidence Awards, bareMinerals hosted a makeup suite within the Houses of Parliament to makeup the award winners and guests and suggested products that would help them feel their most confident.  They also put together a collection of products designed to flatter and enhance which the brand believe is key to feeling confident within your own skin. The six products that[...]


12 Gifts of Christmas: bareMinerals Main Attraction

bareMinerals have totally nailed Christmas this year with some absolutely gorgeous sets to suit even the most finickity beauty fan with a price range starting at £12 and going up to £75, so there really is something for everyone! I have a couple of the gift sets to show you, starting with this "look in a box", the bareMinerals Main Attraction. Main Attraction is a seven piece set comprising of everything you need to create a flattering,[...]


bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Survivor

You may remember I posted about my favourite Breast Cancer Awareness products in October that included the bareMinerals lipgloss in shade Survivor which I said I'd follow up with a review, so here it is! The minute this lipgloss arrived I knew I'd love it as it's the sort of easy, pretty pink shade that I always deviate towards. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Survivor is a mid pink with a slight hint of milkiness and in certain l[...]


BareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer

I've mentioned the bareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer a few times (including in last months love list here) because it is just so good and now I've finally got the pictures together to show you what I mean, hopefully you'll see why I'm such a fan! The bareMinerals Neutralizing Foundation Primer performs quite a few functions on top of neutralising redness; it evens skintone, combats flakiness and includes light-reflecti[...]


BareMinerals BareSkin Foundation and Perfecting Face Brush

I'm having a bit of a love-in with bareMinerals at the moment as I've as I'm loving their BB cream shadows (full review here) and their neutralizing primer is frickin' amazing if you have a lot of redness/spots/post-spot scarring - more on that soon!  The two incoming launches that'll be causing mucho excitement are the new BareSkin Foundation and Perfecting Face Brush.  Yes bareMinerals have released plenty of foundations and corresponding brus[...]


BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow

There are a couple of exciting new releases coming from bareMinerals, the first of which are these new 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadows.  Before you groan at the mention of the seemingly overused "BB" reference, it's worth trying to keep an open mind as these do follow the original concept of BB as they're very much multi-beneficial and address both skincare and make-up needs. Starting with the skincare elements, there's an[...]


BareMinerals Complexion Bars at Selfridges

As is often the way, I came across a feature that I thought would be worth sharing with you whilst actually attending an appointment for something else entirely (more on that in another post) so today I wanted to flag up the bareMinerals Complexion Bars as I really do think they'd prove extremely useful to many of us.  To give you a bit of insight, the Complexion Bars are branches of bareMinerals counters with a main focus on complexion products.[...]