Tropic Skincare Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Luxury Bath Foam

Tropic Skincare Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Luxury Bath Foam

When I think of Tropic, I think of their amazingly natural skincare, then more recently their fantastic make-up range too.  I don't really associate them with bath and body products, even though they have a pretty decent range available, including the Tropic Skincare Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Luxury Bath Foam which gives baths a little bit of pampering luxury that we could all do with right now. I didn't know how I'd get on with the scent o[...]

Kneipp Bath Crystals

Joining the ranks of "proud bath owners" last year opened up a whole new world of bath products to me; up until I moved, I hadn't had regular access to a bath in over 10 years, being stuck with just a shower room, and so much has changed in the world of bath products in that time.  The Kneipp Bath Crystals have been on my radar for a while, and I'm pleased to report they are every bit as lovely as they look and sound. I've tried a few diff[...]

Philosophy Candy Cane Shower Gel

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the way tradition suddenly becomes important; there are old traditions, like the Christmas dinner, carol singing, decorating the tree and binging on absolutely every kind of indulgence, then there are the newer ones that remind you of your own Christmases.  For these include the arrival of the Coca Cola advert (don't judge me, but I always use to get so excited when the "holidays are coming" song w[...]

Bramley Bath Products: Bath Salts, Bubble Bath and Candle

Bramley are a new (to me, at least!) range of bath and body products with beautiful fragrances and lovely packaging.  I think special acknowledgement needs to be given to the packaging - I love the simplicity of the white background with a single flower! I've been trying out three products from the range - the Bath Salts, the Bubble Bath and the Candle. The Candle is a simple yet effective blend of rose absolute, spearmint and peppermint,[...]

Bath Buddies: Olverum Bath Oil

My sheer and utter joy at having access to a bath is showing no signs of abating and I still take immense pleasure in every single dip, so with that in mind, I'm starting a series of posts focusing on my favourite bath products, starting with this wonderfully understated bottle of bath-time chill, the Olverum Bath Oil. As you can see, Olverum Bath Oil is housed in a basic glass bottle with a black lid, which keeps it nicely neutral, so it w[...]


Valentine’s Ideas: Soapsmith Step into London Collection

Yeah, it's that time of the year again, when all the smug couples become even more smug with their smug gifts and smug romance.  So. Much. Smug.  Obviously I'm not bitter at all and I'm very happy for them.  And their smug.  This year I've decided to offer a helping hand for anyone who doesn't know what to buy for Valentine's by putting together a few post ideas, some of which are traditional and others which will give you a bit of present-buy[...]