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YOSO Pro Skincare Device

I'm such a huge beauty gadget fan and I love anything designed to improve skincare, so I jumped at the chance to review the YOSO Pro, which is treatment system that works alongside your current skincare routine.  It's a device that utilises ionic technology and soft vibrations to improve your whole skincare process, and it really is fab! The YOSO Pro has three modes; Cleanse, Moisturise and Boost as well as three intensity settings; Low, M[...]

SkinPep Auto Make-Up Device

I really, really struggle to say no to a beauty gadget as there's something about the concept of gadgetry crossed with beauty that really gets me going, so of course I had to give the SkinPep Auto Make-Up device a try as it's pretty much the very definition of a beauty gadget.  It's basically a sponge that gently punches make-up into the skin so that you don't have to do any blending and instead allow the make-up to be pressed on to the surface o[...]


Philips Lumea Precision Plus: First Impressions

Through various sendouts and events, I've amassed what can only be described as a collection of at home laser devices, most of which are designed to reduce or remove body hair.  When these machines first started becoming popular I couldn't have been less interested as they sounded like a lot of uncomfortable - possibly even painful - faff that was waaaay too time-consuming; I figured I'd just stick with a shave a couple of times a week and that'[...]



Oh how I do love a good gadget! However, I often find myself disappointed with beauty gadgets that don't deliver on their promises, especially as many newly launched beauty gadgets cost a small fortune.  Consequently, I'm prone to cynicism when I read about new arrivals and I remained fairly jaded when I read about the HydraTest. The HydraTest is a pen-shaped device that, quite simply, tests the levels of oil and hydration on the skin.  A[...]