Birchbox March 2019: You Go Girl

[lookbook id="25541" show-legend="true" show-desc="true" show-reveal="false"] The Birchbox March 2019 contents is a real mixed bag, with a couple of superstars and a couple of 'meh's'.  I do like the theme and concept of the box, though, which is called "You Go Girl" and is named as such as the products are built around a multi-tasking theme...which would probably work better if the products were all multi-tasking, but there you go! There a[...]

Birchbox April 2018 (Birchbox X Cath Kidston)

The April 2018 Birchbox is a collaboration with Cath Kidston, so, as you might expect, the box is incredibly pretty.  The collaboration is to mark the the 25th birthday of Cath Kidston, which means that on top of a pretty box, the Birchbox April 2018 contents includes a Cath Kidston product too. Along with the Cath Kidston product, there are three make-up items and a skincare product too, making this a good mix of products that work well w[...]

Birchbox December 2017 (Birchbox x Matthew Williamson)

I think it's safe to say that the Birchbox December 2017 box is one of the prettiest I've ever seen - what an absolute stunner! The Birchbox December 2017 contents focuses on Life's Little Treasures, so we're getting five products that include three full-sized bits. There's a relatively good mix across all the genres with a couple of make-up bits, some skincare, body care and hair care.  Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to get excited abou[...]

Birchbox November 2017 (Vogue Edition)

When I first heard of the Birchbox x Vogue box for November, I was extremely excited, as how could it not be a good one? The products are all featured in the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame so obviously I was expecting some corkers.  I would describe the November 2017 Birchbox as solid: nothing too overly exciting but nothing too terrible either. As you can see, you get five products, all of which are minis other than the Birchbox Brush Clea[...]

Birchbox April 2017

The Birchbox April 2017 box is a collaboration with Boden, so the box itself is incredibly pretty and you also get a £10 Boden voucher.  The April 2017 Birchbox contains two full-sized make-up items alongside three other travel-sized products. There are some amazing brands/products included in April 2017 Birchbox...but unfortunately I didn't get the greatest selection as there's not a whole lot I would use.  This is just bad luck as I've[...]

Birchbox January 2017

The Birchbox January 2017 contents is...functional.  I wouldn't say there's anything I'm getting terribly excited about, but there are some bits I'll definitely use and some really known brands to top it off. The January 2017 Birchbox contains a good mix of make-up and non make-up items with two full-sized products. Here's a look at what's included starting with my favourites: The Merci Handy Hand Cream has arrived perfectly timed a[...]

Birchbox December 2016

It's almost the end of the year, so here we have my final beauty box post for 2016...and what a year it has been for beauty boxes! The December 2016 Birchbox is a great little collection containing a solid mix of five products from well known brands. The presentation for the Birchbox December 2016 is ever-so-pretty, with a gorgeous box containing a bag full of goodies.  All products are sample-sized apart from one, but the fact that they'r[...]


Birchbox March 2015

Birchbox March 2015 is an interesting one, as it's the first (that I can recall) box that's allowing you to specify which sample you'd like.  It's also a collaboration with uber-posh homeware champions, Habitat. There's just one make-up item in the March 2015 Birchbox and the rest is a relatively good mix of beauty bits and bobs.  There's also a very handy 20% voucher for the SS15 Habitat collection.  As usual, here's a look at the cont[...]


Birchbox February 2015 (Slimbox)

The February 2015 Birchbox brings with it some news! From this month onwards, you can pick whether you'd prefer the traditional sized Birchbox as featured in my previous posts, or the new Slimbox, which is a thinner version with size-appropriate products that in theory will fit through your letterbox...although it's worth noting that my Postie still knocked to give me the box.  You still get the same value of contents, but - if I'm reading this c[...]


Birchbox January 2015

January 2015! Can you believes it? The Birchbox January 2015 (!!) box is an interesting one; it's contents will prove to be divisive as there are quite a few dinky samples making it appear a tad sparse.  Having said that, there are some goodies worth getting excited about. The January 2015 Birchbox is in collaboration with Women's Health, meaning it has a bit of a healthy spin to it which is very well timed for a January drop.  The box co[...]


Last Minute Gift: Birchbox Subscription

Above you'll see the lovely "Where the Magic Happens" gift set that includes one of my all-time favourites from Pixi, their Tinted Shea Butter Lip Balm along with a the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion from Benefit and a Models Own polish, all of which are full-sized and come with the lovely pictured pouch.  This is the gift that will arrive alongside subscription info if you decide to gift someone with a Birchbox Subscription, so they'll get a[...]