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Quick Pick Tuesday: Dove Caring Protection Body Wash

When choosing a body wash, I always, always, always pick a moisturising one over anything else - to be honest I don't see the point in going for something that isn't at least a little bit moisturising - so the newly launched Dove Caring Protection Body Wash is a great choice if you're like me.  It's packed full of lovely, nourishing goodies such as sunflower seed oil to really moisturise skin and "NutriumMoisture" technology that helps keep skin[...]

Braun Silk-epil Beauty Editions

Braun are widely perceived as the kings of epilation creation (slightly weird way of phrasing it but I do enjoy a rhyme) due to their extensive range of epilators that perform effective and quick hair-removal.  Recently, Braun have taken epilating to the next level by finding ways to include electronic brushes which can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, before any kind of hair removal it's always a good idea to get skin as smooth and c[...]