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Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

During my extremely enjoyable Boots haul (post here) for the #LetsFeelLikeNew campaign I picked up not one, not two but THREE mascaras. Mascara is a weird one for me as I so rarely find one I really love, but I also find the possibility that my next Holy Grail mascara is just around the corner a motivation to keep trying pretty much every one that's released.  Even when I'm suffering from Mascara Fatigue (I put in caps to make it appear like an[...]


Boots No7 Spring 2015 Collection

How's this for a lovely little Spring edit? There are three products making up the eye and nail products from the Boots No7 Spring 2015 collection and they are absolutely lovely. The palette, I believe, has been around since last year and is a smaller take on the amazing Christmas palette that No7 released and I posted about here.  It's an edit of some of the most popular shades from the No7 eyeshadow collection, and I'm very pleased to re[...]


Quick Look: Relaunched Boots No7 Cosmetic Brushes

This is just a super quick heads-up along with a couple of photos of the newly relaunched Boots No7 make-up brushes as I will be writing-up them up in more detail soon! I'm a big fan of No7 brushes and I think they're often overlooked; the brush set from the Christmas collection (post here) contained 5 brushes and each one of them gets used every single time I apply make-up, which I don't think I can say about any other brush set! The No7 b[...]


Boots No7 #TaDah Festive Make-Up Looks

There are so many joys to writing a beauty blog, with one of them being sent a collection of make-up to create a specific type of look.  Not only is it fun to play with make-up, but it's also nice to have my boundaries gently pushed into trying things I might not try.  Boots No7 sent me a few make-up looks to play with and I thought I'd share one of them with you, especially as it involves using a couple of things that I normally would steer cle[...]


12 Days of Christmas 2014: Boots No7 Eye Shadow Palette

Last year I put together a 12 Days of Christmas series to showcase 12 of my favourite Christmas gifts and I've decided to do the same again this year! It's just over 6 weeks until the big day, so even though it feels like it's ages away it's actually pretty close.  Therefore I thought I'd better crack on and make a start with this gorgeous palette from No7. When I saw the Boots No7 Eye Shadow Palette at the press show I thought it was beau[...]

Boots No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

I am so excited about this new innovation from Boots No7, which is an extension of their Match Made line.  For those unfamiliar, I believe it was 2012 that we saw the arrival of the Match Made gadget at Boots No7 counters.  This awesome gadget took images of the skin on your face to determine the best match for your skin tone in the entire No7 foundation range.  All foundations were simplified so once you had the test to match your skin tone, y[...]


Boots No7 AW14

The Boots No7 AW14 collection is deep, dark and moody and based around colours of navy, black and berry shades.  It's a small edit of 1 eye palette, 2 nail colours, 1 blusher and 2 lip shades, but it's a lovely little collection that's really on trend for the upcoming season. The new releases I'm most keen on are the Matte Lip Crayons which have a lovely texture that's creamy and comfortable with a demi-matte finish.  The two shades are[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil

This Boots No7 Cleansing Oil is the newest member of the Beautiful Skin skincare line; a comprehensive yet easy to manoeuvre range of skincare that covers all skin types.  The Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil is aimed at normal to dry skin types, however I don't think there's a skin type that wouldn't get on well with this.  Having said that, the first ingredient is mineral oil so depending on your thoughts on this controversial ingredient, you mig[...]


Boots No7 Gel-Look Shine Summer Colours

When the sun is out, nothing compliments the wonderful glow quite as much as beautiful, vibrant lips and tips.  The summer shades of the Boots No7 Gel-Look Shine polishes are truly summery colours; bright, cheery, fun and something for everyone, these are absolutely lovely.  I remember first seeing them at a press event a while ago and thinking at the time that I couldn't wait for them to launch as they really symbolised summer for me, and now h[...]

New Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced

Some of you will recall a few years ago when a documentary aired declaring Boots No7's Protect and Perfect Serum as an anti-ageing product that genuinely delivered serious results.  Cue absolute chaos as stock of the serum disappeared, queues at all Boots stores went around the block and it was virtually impossible to get your hands on the product.  The fact was, the serum was not only affordable, but it was proven to work.  Due to the success,[...]