Recent Launches from Revolution Beauty

*PR Samples/Gifted/Existing Brand Relationship* One of the great things about Revolution Beauty is how much newness they throw at us on an almost daily basis; there is always something new when you check out their site and there's also something on their Instagram to covet.  The downside of this, prom the perspective of a blogger, is that if you're sent some new bits to feature and you don't act on it almost immediately, they lose their 'new' tag[...]

Handmade Jewellery from Ammie-Ree

2018 is my 7th year blogging, which just feels unbelievable to me, as I can't believe I've managed to stick at anything for seven years.  In my blogging journey, I've made some fabulous friends via various means, including on social media.  I met Mandy online and saw her grow her Etsy jewellery store from scratch.  Recently, she kindly sent me a little selection of some of her amazing creations which I'm sharing with you today. The first[...]

Kiko Jelly Jungle

Kiko never like to keep things small, do they? The Kiko Jelly Jungle collection is, as usual, massive, and full of colour, fun and playful products that will get you quickly interested in trying something a bit new and/or a bit different.  The Kiko Jelly Jungle collection is perfectly timed with Summery hues and weatherproof finishes, so think of the sort of products you might like to take on holiday, to the beach, or really anywhere warm, and yo[...]

A Big Budget Beauty Binge

Every couple of months I try and shop outside of my usual haunts, and recently I popped along to the Harlequin (is it still called that?) at Watford, purely because they have a big ol' Primark, and a well-stocked Superdrug.  These are two shops that I don't really have the opportunity to access locally, so I like to visit the Harlequin once or twice a year to see what's new.  This time, I jumped head first into a proper budget beauty binge, and[...]

Profusion The Artistry Palette – Define Brows

I was so excited when Profusion announced their UK launch (check out my intro post here) because there are few things I love to lust after quite as much as a palette, and Profusion know how to do palettes, plus they're also very budget friendly, and I felt it was about time Makeup Revolution had a decent rival! There are loads of different palettes to pick in the Profusion range alongside your expected eyeshadow palettes, such as face and e[...]

Tam Beauty Haul Featuring Makeup Revolution – February 2018

I've decided to start dating my Tam Beauty haul posts as I get sucked in by their newness so often that they're the one brand I end up splurging on more than any other - and how could I not, with all their budget-friendly awesomeness? I picked up a few bits this time, mostly built around the new concealers and some brow bits that I thought might be decent ABH dupes. I've honestly wanted the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette for soooo[...]


I always really look forward to the GOSH seasonal launches as there's always something to get excited about; for a budget brand, they really do consistently pull it out of the bag, providing fun and innovation products each and every season.  There's no major innovation in the GOSH SS18 collection, but there's lots of fun newness with great use of colour and some lovely formulas too. I'll start off whit a quick mention of the Mix & Fix[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo

I'm a real fusspot when it comes to dry shampoos and I certainly don't seem to get on with the popular ones that everybody loves and raves about.  I also get through a lot of bottles of dry shampoo as I have to get my hair care just right; if I wash my hair too often then it becomes a fluffy, flyaway mess, but if I don't do it often enough, it quickly turns into an oily, greasy mop that looks terrible.  Therefore, I use dry shampoo on that trick[...]

MUA Pro Eyeshadow Palettes in Heavenly Neutral, Fire Vixen and Twilight Delight

I'm sure I've said this in previous posts relating to MUA, but they really are such an fantastic brand that I think gets quite overlooked as a result of the arrival of Makeup Revolution who tend to offer quite similar products, but the thing I like about MUA is that they tend to create products that are original and aren't trying to dupe anything else, so you can add something new to your collection without spending a fortune. The MUA Pro E[...]

MUA Professional Range – New Launches

MUA have totally, completely upped their game recently - if you thought a certain "revolutionary" brand dominated the budget makeup market then here's MUA to show you that there's still plenty of room for exciting products at decent prices without forgoing quality.  MUA Makeupo Academy have released a barrage of newness and I was sent a few bits to play with, so here's a look at what's new: The products roughly breakdown into base palettes[...]