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Off-Topic: LLETZ Procedure – One Month On

  Sorry to keep banging on about this as I can imagine that for those who have never had any issues with such things, these posts make for pretty boring reading, but I really wanted to write a few comprehensive posts on my overall experience as I found the whole experience so utterly overwhelming that I'm hoping these posts might prove useful to some.  So! To summarise, I had a smear test which came back with results showing abnormal cells,[...]

Off-Topic: LLETZ Procedure for CIN / Dyskaryosis

  Regular readers will know that I've been having a bit of a tricky time lately, having received a dodgy smear result stating I had Severe Dyskaryosis / CIN3 which is the cellular change that occurs in the cervix which, if left untreated, eventually turns into cancer.  It's worth noting that SD or CIN are NOT cancer diagnoses and are instead very early indicators of changes in the cells in the cervix, changes of which usually take a really lo[...]


Off-Topic: Dodgy Smear Results and Severe Dyskaryosis

A few weeks ago, I randomly decided to have a smear test done.  Literally I was just in the surgery with my son and I thought I'd make an appointment to have it done.  The following week I had it done and I was told I'd get the results in 14 days.  13 days later, the letter arrived and stated that I had "high grade cell changes" and that I would receive an appointment letter for a Colposcopy and possible biopsy.  The next day the appointment arriv[...]