christmas 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: Hair and Body

I can't quite believe it, but this is my final gift guide post! This post focuses on Hair and Body gifts, but you can also check out my make-up guide here and skincare guide here, as well as a look at my annual 12 Gifts of Christmas posts here. Moroccanoil have some really lovely gift sets this year, with the big three consisting of a full-sized shampoo and conditioner plus a dinky (but good-sized!) bottle of the cult Moroccanoil Oil.  I h[...]

Christmas Gift Guide: Skincare

Following on from my previous Christmas Gift Guide featuring makeup, here's the skincare post! I've found some lovely little sets spanning various budgets, so hopefully there's a little something for everyone. The Burt's Bees Face Essentials Gift Set is pretty much as it sounds, a gorgeous set of four key Burt's Bee facial products, presented in an easy-to-wrap envelope-style box.  It's also contains my favourite Coconut & Pear Lip Bal[...]

Christmas Gift Guide: Makeup

I have now completed my 12 Gifts of Christmas series for 2018 (find a full list here) which mostly focuses on slightly more luxury gift sets.  With that in mind, I've got a round-up of makeup, skincare and hair and body bits that didn't make the main list but are still fabulous, many of which are a lot more budget-friendly too.  I'm kicking off this mini series with a look at some fab makeup gift sets: I've literally just posted about Rev[...]

For the Makeup Brush Hoarder

Aren't we all makeup brush hoarders? I honestly have so many makeup brushes because I genuinely struggle to throw any out as I can always find a justification for keeping them - I decided to be strict with myself and have a big clear out (because I literally - or "liroly," as Teddy has taken to saying - have hundreds, it's become a bit silly) a few months ago, but the cleared out brushes are still sitting in my hallway, awaiting re-homing.  Check[...]

For Someone Who Needs a Skincare Upgrade

A giant cracker filled with a duo of skincare products that are up there in my all-time favourites hall of fame? YES PLEASE.  I couldn't believe it when I saw that Obagi had a Christmas line that literally consists of skincare-filled crackers - what amazing presents.  There are three Obagi Christmas Crackers available - Obagi Velvet Cracker which contains the amazing Obagi Hydrate alongside the Obagi Retinol, Obagi Radiant Cracker which contains[...]

For the Lover of Beauty Gadgets

I always associate Christmas gifting with Clinique, mostly because they do such a fantastically and reliably comprehensive range every single year - if you're extremely lazy or can't face the idea of spending hours searching for different gifts, Clinique will literally sort you out for everyone; men, women, older and younger, beauty newbies and aficionados alike, Clinique really have something to suit all tastes, covering all the price range and b[...]