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The One Christmas Gift Set I Couldn’t Resist

I did an extremely good job mooching around in the post-holiday sales, checking out what was what but managing to avoid purchasing anything...right up until I hit the NARS counter. There I was faced with an acrylic triangle containing some of the loveliest pink products, all of which I could immediately find a use for.  Usually, with gift sets, I can talk myself out of them by noting the products I wouldn't use and discounting the value ac[...]


12 Gifts of Christmas: KMS California Create Waves Kit

My 12 Gifts of Christmas series has been a bit make-up heavy, so I thought now would be a great time to add something a bit different - enter the fabulous KMS California Create Waves Kit which is a set of hair products to give you beachy waves and everything you need is included. The four key products included in the kit are the Free Shape Shampoo and Conditioner which are designed to make hair more pliable and easier to style, the 2 in 1 F[...]