Rodial Eye Sculpt and Eye Smudge Brush

A little while ago I attended the launch of the Rodial make-up line (which is extremely good and well worth checking out - here's my intro post) and the product I was most captivated by was the Eye Sculpt.  During the launch I was given a make-up session with one of the Rodial Makeup Artists who showed me a great and easy make-up look using just this product and the Eye Smudge Brush. The Rodial Eye Sculpt is a thick yet light (think mousse[...]


A Quick Intro to Rodial Make-Up

Skincare brand Rodial have recently launched a line of luxury make-up items, most of which are designed around creating the perfect base, either with covering, illuminating, contouring or sculpting.  The range is fab, it has to be said, and I want pretty much of all of, although my favourites are the brushes and the products designed for contouring such as the powders and the Eye Sculpt, but more on that later! The launch of the make-up co[...]


A Quick Introduction to Studio 10

Even though contouring has been around for a while, I think 2014 was the year that contouring really took off, becoming far more accessible and achievable for those of us who don't have makeup artists available for daily help.  Certainly it's only been this year that I've really started taking contouring seriously and I'm an ideal candidate for it since I have a long face and a big nose, both of which benefit from some serious contouring! Studio[...]


Bourjois Delice de Poudre Newness

There are two new additions to the Bourjois Delice de Poudre range, one of which I can see become a staple in many a make-up kit.  There's a Gold Bronzing Powder which isn't doing much for me as it's chock full of shimmer, but having swatched it I'm thinking it'd make a rather wonderful eyeshadow shade, especially used alongside the other new arrival for achieving that lovely, bronzey summer glow. The arrival that I, and most others, are e[...]