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Ultimate Road Trip

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Pretty Summer Trainers (especially for those on a budget)

Definitely a different one for me today, as I don't tend to talk about clothing much on the blog, but I wanted to dip in occasionally as I do spend an awful lot on clothing; specifically accessories and add-ons, as I like my basics and I tend to stick to a summer uniform of easy t-shirts and skinny jeans (particularly loving these cropped ones from ASOS here - link - they're awesome if you have little legs like me as you can get the shorter length[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Linziclips

Linziclips are cute, handy, well-designed hair clips that are useful if you're like me and like to wear your hair up a lot, as they're very easy to use and comfortable to wear.  They're available in a host of designs and three different sizes depending on what your needs are. They've been designed with a hidden springs so the metal doesn't intrude on the attractiveness of the design.  They're also non-slip and cylindrical, so they grab th[...]

Charlotte Olympia Online Advent of Glamour

Well, it's snowing on the blog now and that can only mean one thing...the countdown to Christmas has started and it's officially December! Exciting! And mildly terrifying! Slightly outside of my usual content, but I thought this was  a good one to flag up for you guys to get you into the Christmas spirit, since there's an opportunity to win some lovely Charlotte Olympia goodies.  For the next 24 days, there's an everyday chance to win something[...]


Christian Louboutin Beauté

Fashion and beauty are so intrinsically linked that launches such as the Christian Louboutin Beauté range make perfect sense.  The highly anticipated arrival of the Christian Louboutin Beauté line of extremely luxury polishes are starting with, as you may expect, the very red that embodies the brand and that we all associate with the words "Christian Louboutin".  Apparently it was a bit of a nightmare getting the exact red shade, but it wa[...]