Fragrance Friday: Three Very Different (Yet Equally Beautiful) Rose Fragrances

I wanted to do something a little different for this Bank Holiday Fragrance Friday post, and as I've been lucky enough to have some gorgeous rose-led fragrances added to my collection recently, I thought I'd share three rather different takes on this popular scent. For years I was never one to reach for anything with a rose fragrance (team jasmine all the way!) but in the last couple of years I've had my mind gently changed.  Here are three gorge[...]

Fragrance Friday: Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose and Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

  I'm such a huge fan of Philosophy scents as I think they completely nail the high street market, offering fragrances that are absolutely beautiful, wearable and layerable, with a price point that's decent and a collection that's varied enough to suit most tastes.  Therefore I'm always excited to try a new Philosophy fragrance and I was particularly keen to get my hands on the two newest members of the family; Pure Grace Nude Rose and Am[...]

Fragrance Friday: Parterre A Tribute to Edith

Parterre are such a fantastically fresh and exciting brand that I've been meaning to feature for absolutely ages, then I ended up using the box of their A Tribute to Edith fragrance to save and transport a baby blackbird to the vet earlier this week (which is very in-keeping with the overall vibe of the brand) and I thought I just had to share it as the Fragrance Friday for this week as it's just too perfect! Before I launch into sharing my[...]

Fragrance Friday: Ormonde Jayne Sampaquita (made to measure)

One of the many things I love about fragrance is how personal it is; the same fragrance can evoke polarised reactions and can smell completely different from one person to the next.  If you find a fragrance that hits all the right notes (pun intended...) then it can be the start of a lifelong love affair.  With that in mind, the ability to tweak and personalise a fragrance is an extremely attractive prospect, so Ormonde Jayne are starting to mak[...]

Fragrance Friday: The Collection by Yardley London

Yardley London have made the very sensible decision to launch a collection (or The Collection) targeted at a younger market, in an effort to shake off their fuddy-duddy reputation; we all love a nice Yardley hand cream, but let's face it, nobody under the age of 70 is voluntarily and openly reaching for a Yardley perfume to call their signature scent...but that might be about to change thanks to the arrival of The Collection by Yardley London.[...]

Fragrance Friday: Carolina Herrera Good Girl

I think we can all agree that the bottle for Carolina Herrera Good Girl is absolutely gorgeous and will pretty much make you want to buy it just to have on your dressing table, regardless of whether you actually like the fragrance itself.  It's a beautiful stiletto heel that looks stunning from every angle, although, interestingly, the perfume is misted via a button on the back that you press in a traditional format; I was expecting it to involv[...]

Fragrance Friday: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rose Twist

The Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Twist is a great concept that allows you to adapt your fragrance so it includes a little bit more of what you love.  The Flowerbomb Twists are singular scents designed to be layered with other Flowerbomb fragrances, although realistically they can be used under other fragrances too.  There are three Twists available, Rose Twist, Jasmine Twist and Musk Twist - I was sent Rose Twist to try out...but you know I'm g[...]

Fragrance Friday: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (Limited Edition)

It's been a great year for my fragrance discovery journey as there have been some amazing perfumes entering my life.  As it's my final Fragrance Friday of the year, I wanted to finish on something a bit special.  The Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is an iconic fragrance with an instantly recognisable aesthetic, but there's currently an even more beautiful take on the scent doing the rounds, courtesy of the limited edition bottle. Viktor &a[...]

Fragrance Friday: Emporio Armani Because It’s You

Because It's You is a beautifully fresh and creamy fragrance from Emporio Armani that's a great choice for the seasonal transition, since it isn't overly zesty or summery, plus it sits on a musky base meaning it takes some lovely elements that are typically found in all the seasons, but I personally see it as a more of an Autumnal scent.  Having said that, I'm a firm believe that no fragrance is limited by the season, so you should wear whatever[...]

Fragrance Friday: Marc Jacobs Daisy (Limited Edition White)

There are so many gorgeous takes on the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, some of which I've featured in previous Fragrance Friday posts, but interestingly I've never featured the one that started it all, the original Marc Jacobs Daisy, so today I'm sharing my thoughts on the fragrance, along with a look at the limited edition White packaging.  The White version marks 10 years of the Daisy fragrance, which is amazing if you consider just how many gorg[...]

The Perfume Society Escentric Molecules Discovery Set

I absolutely love Escentric Molecules and I've been lucky enough to try most of their scents (other than the new Escentric 04 and Molecule 04) as I find them the perfect combination of accessible yet unusual - something a bit different that you can still pick up on your high street.  However, I realise that they're a little bit out there for some (I gave up trying to read their press releases a while ago and I'm much happier for it!) as they're q[...]