Fragrance Friday: John Paul Gaultier Classique Original EDP vs Classique Essence de Parfum

I was sent both the John Paul Gaultier Classique EDP and Classique Essence de Parfum fragrances at the same time and, due to their extremely similar aesthetics, I found myself almost immediately pitting them against each other and considering their merits alongside each other, even though they are clearly individual fragrances that deserve independent credit.  With that in mind, my long-term plan was to review each fragrance as independently of e[...]

Fragrance Friday: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique (Original EDP)

A few weeks ago I featured the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Essence de Parfum, which is a more recent take on the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, which is what I'm reviewing today.  Jean Paul Gaultier Classique has an incredibly safe and special place in my heart since it was my first real fragrance love and, having not experienced it for absolutely years, I was intrigued to see how it would make me feel, since it was such a prominent scent[...]

Fragrance Friday: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique – Part One (Essence de Parfum)

The next few Fragrance Friday posts are going to be a mini series focusing on the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique fragrance line, not just because it's such a cult product thanks to the iconic female bottle shape, but also because the original Classique has a solid place in my heart since it was the first ever fragrance I fell in love with.  As a teenager, I used to replace it every year when I would go on holiday, so it must be at least 18 years -[...]

Fragrance Friday: Giorgio Armani Sky Di Gioia

When a package containing new Armani Beauty goodies arrives, usually the most exciting elements are the make-up bits (more on that soon!) but the inclusion of the Sky di Gioia fragrance has absolutely made my week as this is such a gorgeous perfume that could not be more me.  Housed in a simple, elegant bottle with gentle curves and a hint of a blush pink exterior, this is a fresh, floral and fruity fragrance that's hitting all the right notes.[...]

Fragrance Friday: The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga

I've had a rubbish few weeks.  It's so strange how something so simple, such as a beautiful fragrance that really speaks to you, can have such a positive impact, but I had to have a scary medical test this week and applying this beautiful perfume to wear during the experience made me feel like I was just a little bit more in control of the situation...of course it's inaccurate, but whatever helps! The Rosa Moceniga fragrance by The Merchant of Ve[...]

Fragrance Friday: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom

If you're seeking a versatile, feminine fragrance that's fresh and summery to see you through the next few months, then look no further as I have you sorted; the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom is as gorgeous smelling as it is looking, with a beautiful collection of fragrance notes that are light yet vibrant and very easy on the nose. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom starts off with fruity notes of mandarin orange and pomegranate, bot[...]

Fragrance Friday: Clean Reserve Blonde Rose

I mentioned recently on here that I haven't done much on fragrance for a while, mostly because nothing has really grabbed me and I've been relying on old favourites instead, but there have been a few perfumes I've tried that have reignited my excitement, one of which is the Clean Reserve Blonde Rose. I honestly love everything about Blonde Rose, the simple, elegant, neutral packaging (which appears to be the same for all Clean Reserve fragrances -[...]

Fragrance Friday: Omorovicza Bagatelle de Gabrielle

It feels like ages since I did a Fragrance Friday...and having had a quick look at when the last one was posted, it was in December last year! How did that happen!? To be honest, it's mostly to do with the fact that I've got a few fragrances that I really like (and so tend to stick to) so I haven't been inclined to add anything new to my collection, especially since I try to wear any fragrance I feature quite a bit so I can get a good idea of how[...]

Fragrance Friday: YSL Black Opium EDT, EDP and Nuit Blanche EDP

In October last year I received the YSL Black Opium EDT (original review here) which I fell head over heels in love with for the fact that it's the ultimate confidence booster in a spray; it's a really powerful, sexy fragrance that makes me feel instantly upbeat and capable - it really is a total mood booster, so much so, that I actually keep a bottle in the glove compartment of my car! My original love of YSL Black Opium still remains, so[...]

Fragrance Friday: Michael Kors Wonderlust

Everything about Michael Kors Wonderlust screams balmy, Summer nights, from the lightly amber-hued bottle, to the tropical ombre packaging, this is pretty much a perfect Summer scent...so it's a bit weird that I'm sharing it with you in October (late October, at that) but stay with me, as this is such a lovely, pretty fragrance that it needs to be investigated if you like a light, fruity floral that's both flattering and feminine. The Micha[...]

Fragrance Friday: Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Couture

Oh my gosh, how's this for the most unashamedly pretty, girly fragrance, courtesy of Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Couture, which is pink, sweet, feminine and almost giggly in both scent and presentation.  Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Couture is a tremendously sweet, mostly gourmand fragrance that hits you immediately with its fruity top notes of peach and mandarin that stop short of tropical thanks to the neroli which doesn't dominate, but instead level[...]