Glossybox Limited Edition Easter Egg 2019

Glossybox Limited Edition Easter Egg 2019

*PR Sample/Aff. Links* I really like the idea of the Glossybox Limited Edition Easter Egg as I think it's the perfect gift to give someone who can't indulge in chocolate over Easter, be that for health reasons or because they're trying to cut down, this is such a lovely product and the contents are fab too, which helps! I also think I'll be able to reuse the egg that the goodies came in (after initially wondering what the hell to do with it...) as[...]

Glossybox August 2018 – Pride Edition

The August 2018 Glossybox is a Pride edition and it's fantastic! Packed full of six full-sized products that are fun, exciting and perfectly in-keeping with the Pride vibe, this is a brilliant box of goodies presented in a gorgeously bright box. The Glossybox August 2018 box is pretty much entirely make-up, although there is a single skincare item too.  I love everything about this box and I think it'll be really well-received - such a fun[...]

Glossybox April 2018

The April 2018 Glossybox is very interesting! Usually Glossybox tend to ensure a variety of product, ranging from skincare, to body care, to pretty much anything that falls under the beauty umbrella, but the Glossybox May 2018 contents focuses solely on make-up, and I'm not at all unhappy! There are five make-up products in the April 2018 Glossybox, all of which are full-size and all of which are pretty universal, which I think is definitel[...]

Glossybox December 2017

They're ending the year with a bang, thanks to the fantastic Glossybox December 2017 contents, which features five full-sized, brilliant products, all of which I'm very excited to try, housed in a beautifully designed box by Dusty Boy. The December 2017 Glossybox is themed around getting you party ready (etc, etc) so it's make-up heavy, with three make-up products, two bits of skincare and a yummy bit of chocolate too.  I normally break do[...]

Glossybox November 2017

I'm rather behind with my Glossybox post this month, but I still wanted to share it as it's a pretty decent box and there's still time to get involved.  The Glossybox November 2017 contains five products, with all but one being full-sized. There's a great mix this month, with a few make-up bits, a skincare item and a body care item, so something for everyone, plus the contents appear well picked, making this a box that feels like good valu[...]

Glossybox September 2017

Glossybox have had a couple of very strong months, so there was inevitably going to be a weaker month as it's virtually impossible to maintain such extremely high levels; unfortunately what goes up, must come down.  I'm writing this as if the Glossybox September 2017 contents is rubbish, which definitely isn't the case, it's just a little less exciting than last month. The Glossybox September 2017 has a strong skincare focus with a with a[...]

Glossybox June 2017

The Glossybox June 2017 is another box good goodness, that's actually pretty packed with six products (two of which are full-sized) as well as a book excerpt (Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland) that's handy for the holiday season.  There's also a sneak peek at the Glossybox July 2017 contents which tells us it'll include a Spectrum brush, so if you're a fan of Spectrum (or brushes in general) then now's the time to subscribe. The June 2017[...]

Glossybox May 2017

The Glossybox May 2017 is a good'n, full of goodies themed around the 'back to basics' concept, so there are five products that kind of fall under the category of beauty basics, depending on what you believe beauty basics to mean! Either way, it's a lovely selection. The May 2017 Glossybox contents contains five products in total, two of which are make-up, then there are two skincare bits and a body product too.  I think everything is full[...]

Glossybox April 2017

The April 2017 Glossybox is all about beauty on-the-go, so the contents focus on speeding up the beautifying process - consequently, the main focus is on make-up but there's also a hair product and a hand sanitiser too. I'm always happy when there's a lot of make-up as I think this is the area of beauty that most of us won't mind experimenting with.  Having said that, there is one make-up item included in the Glossybox April 2017 contents[...]

Glossybox March 2017

The March 2017 Glossybox has arrived! This month we're getting five products, spanning a good range (make-up, skincare, body care, hair care, it's all there, or "all the big names" as Teddy says when talking about what Pixar Cars characters he has in his collection) and three of them are full-sized, making the Glossybox march 2017 box pretty good value this month. As you can see, there are also some well-known names in the box, so I'm hopin[...]

Glossybox February 2017

How pretty is the Glossybox February 2017 box? Obviously I've received quite a few of these monthly boxes, most of which get chucked out as I don't have a lot of space, but this one is a definite keeper.  As I'm sure you can guess, the February 2017 Glossybox is Valentine's themed and I think they've got the edit just right. Five products make-up the Glossybox February 2017 contents, and as you can see, it's a pretty decent variety coverin[...]